Peoples are still unaware that the stress is the leading causes of all health conditions and diseases. Stress is really dangerous thing especially when it is manifested by some vague symptoms which is difficult to detect.

In this article we will present you the 9 most common signs that you are overstressed

You’re Overstressed

You’re Overstressed

Sleeping Issues

When you see changes in your sleep patterns, and you sleep too much or do not sleep, the best thing is to make some changes in your lifestyle, as you may be overstressed.

When you’re overstressed your body finds the best way to cope with the stress. You must specify the root of this if you have nightmares or if you worry a lot before going to bed.

When your body is overstressed the sleeping is the first thing that is affected.  Try relaxing techniques like exercise, yoga, meditation to reduce stress.

Hair Loss

Carolyn Jacob, founder and medical director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology says that people shed about 100 hairs a day.

She also says that significant stress may spark a change in our body’s routine physiological function and cause some hairs to go into the resting phase at same time.

After 3-4 mounts all of those hair shed. This can be alarming. This condition can be caused by substantial physiological stresses of the body.

Major Mood Swings

Major mood swings can be experienced if stress influence your hormone levels. Stress may lead to:

  • Addictions
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Anxiety and other mental issues

Make sure to talk to someone to deal with stress.

Weight Fluctuations

Stress can also slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain. It also can cause appetite loss and weight loss. If you experience these signs try a proper treatment.

Pain in the Body

Usually people ignore the pain in the body. This is a big mistake and it can indicate a serious health problem. Stress may cause the body to break down causing stomach issues, chest pain, diarrhea, tense muscles, ulcers etc.

In this condition the headaches will become intense, you will have severe arthritis and the body will start to ache. You immediately need to manage stress and do everything to lower it down.

Inability to Sit Still                      

Overstressed people can become restless, anxious and uncomfortable with their own mind. Addressing the issue and facing their fears and thoughts is what they need to do. Never ignore this problem.

Constantly Thinking About Your Job

If you are constantly thinking about your obligations, work and finances and you can’t relax you are under a huge stress. Worrying will just complicate the things and can cause various psychological problems. Enjoy the moment, turn off your cell phone and spend time with your dearest.

Weakened Libido

Stress can also affect libido. This means the higher the stress is, the fewer hormones for sexual response. Relaxation techniques can help the loss of libido and it can prevent people love life from suffering. Opening a discussion with your partner for the problem may also help.

Little Patience For Others

Becoming angry, impatient, irritated towards the closest friends or family can be a sign that you’re overstressed. Slowing down and managing stress will help you a lot.