Most of the people, when they come to a certain age, cannot help but avoid the wrinkles. Let’s face it, when we get older, it immediately shows on our face. This is something that happens to every single person, no exceptions. Well, wouldn’t you like to do something about it? Of course, we all do, especially the women!

Eager to make our skin more youthful, and give back its marvelous and shiny look, people try everything from expensive treatments and creams to botox and surgeries. But, what if you  turn to a more natural approach? Have you thought about that?

Your Wrinkles Will Be Gone

Your Wrinkles Will Be Gone

If you haven’t, stay on this page and find out what we have to offer. It will neither cost you a lot of money nor will come with any side effects that may be toxic for your health and skin too.

What we are about to present to you today is a food that is rich in linoleic acid and squalene, both of which are antioxidants which leads to more collagen making. This can slow down the show of the wrinkles.

The squalene can also keep the skin safe from any damage done by the sun. In this food you can also find the Vitamin E and gamma oryznol, which do wonders to the heart and the cholesterol.

Unfortunately, apart from the Japanese people, not many other people are aware of this secret food. It is the rice! It does wonders for the skin, for which we all need rejuvenation.

In addition we give you an amazing and simple do it yourself recipe for a facial mask made out of rice, making it smooth and giving you a better skin complexion.

To prepare this recipe you will need three tablespoons of rice, a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of honey.

For the preparation part, cook the rice and save the water. Then, add the warm milk and the honey in the rice. Mix it well until a mask is created and put the mask on your face, which should be clean and dry, and after the mask has dried up, rinse your face up with the saved rice water.

The rice water you will use for rinsing is loaded with antioxidants, will give your skin the proper moisture, will make your blood flow better, will remove any wrinkles, inflammation, will hydrate your skin and remove the redness too.

If you want the best results, do this once a week, and you will be amazed to notice that you look a decade younger after a period of a month or two of regular use of this recipe.