Most important things for proper function of the liver are healthy diet and lifestyle. The busy way of living impose on us some habits that are unhealthy.

Some of those habits are frequent consumption of fast and unhealthy foods, which are filling our body with toxins.We need to take the process of detoxification on the liver very seriously if we want to protect the health of the liver and to maintain its function.

Your Liver

Your Liver

Frequent detoxification of the liver is essential, because this organ is responsible for the body detoxification and protein absorption.In this article we will revile a drink that can help you to detoxify your liver.

To notice liver disease may take a long time, so cleaning your liver is important and also consuming healthy foods. Improper function of the liver can cause numerous serious health issues.The process of detoxification of the liver is simple process, and you can do it with this completely natural drink.

To prepare this amazing drink for liver detoxification you will need the following ingredients:

Pour the purified water in a pot and bring it to boil. Add the mint leaves in the boiling water and leave them for 5 minutes. Remove the pot from heat and let it cool down.

Add the lemon and orange juice and also add grated lemon peel. Combine the ingredients well and add the honey. Store your drink in a bottle in the fridge.

You should consume this drink every morning, and also keep in mind to eat healthy foods. The drink can be taken cold or hot.This drink will clean your liver form toxins and will provide regular function. This drink is also useful for normal function on the digestive system.