When we hear that people are talking about the blood sugar levels the first thing that can come to our minds is the worst – diabetes. The diabetes, if not controlled, can develop into a very serious and even an extreme condition, but long before a person is diagnosed with it, the body will start giving up some signs that the blood sugar levels are too high.

So, by educating ourselves about the signs of the high blood sugar levels, you can avoid irreversible damage to the body.The consumption of glucose through our dietary plan can be the most likely cause of elevated blood sugar levels.

The glucose can be distributed to every cell within the body, and is considered to be an essential nutrient, but only when it is in the right sized doses. However, when your glucose levels become too high for too long, some serious damage is bound to be caused to your kidneys, nerves, blood vessels and eyes.

With the artificial and processed food making up a bigger portion of the dietary plan in most of the people, more and more people are suffering from high blood sugar levels. This is why the only way to protect yourself is to try and cut down on the sugar and read the signs your body sends to you.

Many of the symptoms of high blood sugar levels are often overlooked as signs and are thought to be just the symptoms of you being under the weather, and that it will all pass in a natural way. But, the reality is that your body is informing you about the imbalance in it and it is asking you to help it.

Here are the symptoms you should keep an eye on – frequently urinating, especially during the night; having a blurred vision; difficulty concentrating; impotence; a dry mouth; slow healing of any cuts and wounds; recurrent infections; problems with the stomach; increased feeling of thirst; extreme tiredness or constant fatigue; an itchy and dry skin; constant hunger; nerve issues; excess abdominal fat/weight gain.

If you happen to think that the blood sugar is a concern, there is the glycemic index (GI), which will indicate the number of carbs in all the food products just in order to highlight those foods which are good for you to consume and which ones you have to avoid. The GI will measure the food on a scale from 0 – 100, and it is based on the system – the lower the number the lower the glucose content.

Your Blood Sugar is Very High

Here are the three high sugar foods that you need to avoid – if you either have recognized any symptoms within yourself or are simply looking for a way how to avoid the high blood sugar, there are certain foods that you immediately need to remove from your dieting plan. Along the obvious ones, to avoid fizzy drinks and processed sweets, the next three foods should be banned from your house for good.

  • White bread – one slice of white bread contains GI score of 70 – considering how a sandwich requires two slices of bread, if you continue eating white bread your blood sugar levels will rise significantly. Switch the white with brown bread and you’re good to go!
  • Rice cakes – contain GI score of 78 – even though they are considered to be a healthy snack which can be eaten all throughout the day, no matter if your blood sugar levels are low, normal or high, eating them already means that you are suffering a high blood sugar level,and this is considered to be an extremely dangerous snack.
  • Baked potato – contains GI score of 85 – yep, this is all true, and those people who are trying to get their blood sugar levels in order have to forget consuming the baked potato as it is. Avoid this by all means if you are suffering from the symptoms we mentioned above.

Now, here are three low sugar foods for you to enjoy – this is for those of you who are serious at significantly lowering your blood sugar levels and at the same time maintaining them at a healthy rate, so you can more easily manage your dieting plan too. This means eating foods that are low in sugar, and here are some of the best ones that will do that job for you.

  • Walnuts – contain GI score of 15 – they are a great snack, they can be added in a salad, the walnuts are very low in sugar and can provide you with a variety of other health benefits including boosting of the reproductive system (especially for men) and a good heart health.
  • Broccoli – contain GI score of 10 – even though we might remember the broccoli as the least favorite food from our childhood days, it is actually a crucial ingredient in repairing the damage done to your blood vessels caused by the blood sugar levels, so it is healthy and bulky enough to act as a substitute for meat, and is a definite must in your diet.
  • Eggs – contain GI score of 0 – yes, they have absolutely no carbs at all, and a diabetic could dine them every single day if they want, but even though it may get boring after a while doing so, the eggs will not elevate your blood sugar levels at all. Only thing is, they have to be consumed moderately if you want to get the best out of them for your health.

By keeping track of your health you have to know and understand when your body is in need of a certain compound in order for it to function at an optimal level. With plenty of manufacturers filling their food up with sugars, there is not much choice left for you.

So, when your body is reaching out to you and signaling that something is wrong, don’t ignore the signs, attend to your body’s need.