Some religions forbid the consumption of the pork. Pigs are animals that eat some of the most disgusting things you can possibly imagine, such as feces, urine and spoiled foods.

The worst part of it all is that the toxins they digest cannot be eliminated from their bodies, so they build up fat cells all around their organs.One hazardous microorganism which can be found in this particular animal is the Yersinia enterocolitica.

When you Eat Pork

It is the cause of cramps, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. Another contaminant which can be found in a pig’s body is the Ractopmine, which upon consuming, can even result with death.

Also, the intestines of the pigs are the residence to the Taenia solium, which causes the contaminaiton of tissues and the loss of appetite. Another parasitic roundworm, Trichinella, causes malaise, fever, myalgia and edema. Also, Hepatitis E which causes nausea and fatigue.

In order to avoid all of these health problems, all of the intestinal parasites in the pigs need to be destroyed. This can only be achieved by cooking the meat at a high temperature.

The raw pork must not ever be put together with products that can be consumed raw. Upon touching the raw pork, always wash your hands, and when you purchase the meat, always make sure that it has no chemicals, ractopamine, medication or anti-toxins in it.

However, even when the pork is properly cooked, because the pigs do consume a lot of substandard foods, the doubt about the meat is still present. The more pork you consume, the higher the risk is for a disease.

Those pigs who are generally used for the production of pork are usually those who come from factory farms.

Unfortunately, most of the factory farms do not clean the pastures, don’t get sufficient sunlight and don’t have an access to fresh air for the pigs. Instead of green grass, they give pigs anti-infection agents and even medications in form of food, which make them grow bigger and age in a faster way. In turn, this raises their value on the market.

On most of the farms, the pigs live surrounded by their urine, feces and vomit. This kind of an unhealthy environments makes them breathe in a lethal gas and develop the skin disease called mange. Plus, the ammonia present in their urine and feces makes them develop pneumonia right before they are slaughtered.

All of these symptoms are just a few of the many you can get if you are constantly consuming pork. This is why, before you decide to buy pork, you should always research something more about its origins.