Body language provides an incredibly large amount of information about what other people think if you know what to look out for.

Position on your Legs While Sitting

And who does not want to read the thoughts of other people? You already recognize more cues from body language than you realize.

When you return home after a hard day, you put on your most comfortable clothes and sit down to watch TV, try to notice the position in which you sit.

Position A

People who often sit in this position are persons that always transfer their problems to somebody else. They are interested only in themselves and to be relieved from all issues.

These people are charming, interesting, creative and a little childish. They don’t think before speak.

Position B

People sitting cross-legged want to relax, but never leave their town. They have good concentration, self-control and never enjoy in their work. They love his family and home place.

These people are full with new ideas and imagination. They love to travel and visit new places. They don’t waste their time on things that don’t make them happy.

Position C

For them, comfort is on first place. They bring hard decisions when they need to buy something. They want everything to be perfect.

Especially they waste a lot of time choosing right perfumes, clothes, shoes. They know how to function properly in disorderly environments. Also they sometimes can’t pay attention what you are saying.

Position D

Those who sit in this formal position are always careful and difficult to relax. Those are people who want to play it safe and they are very good in the workplace.

Among other things, they are satisfied with their relationship, and life in general.

They are very pedantic people who don’t want to be late and also hate when other late. They don’t want to express their feelings in public like a kissing in front of other people.

At times that can be rude to. They always want to look good and make a big effort to succeed in that. Also they are not accepting criticism.

Position E

They are very calm people and are never in hurry. They never gave up until they achieve what they want. They are persons with lack of self-confidence.