Prints of the nails, hands, eyes, and numerous other physical characteristics are part of a person genetics, but they also reveal a lot about the character of the individual.

There are 3 main groups about the length of the fingers. Compare your fingers and find out what they say about your character.

A Group- ring finger is longer than the index;

B Group- ring finger is shorter than the index;

C Group- ring finger is the same size as the index finger;

What Kind of Person are You

What Kind of Person are You



A group of people, irresistible and charming

People who ring finger is longer than the index finger are charming and they conquer others easily by their appearance. They are resourceful and they can easy find the way out of difficult situations, and their approach to problems is direct, aggressive and open.

Have the ability for empathize and they are true visionaries. They are good friends and have a wide circle of acquaintances. They have a short concentration and during work obligations have frequent need to rest.

B-group persons- confident and capable

Persons that ring finger is shorter than the index have bigger confidence and are highly capable. Their work is more important even than their private life.

They enjoy in solitude and do not want to harass them in their free time. They are not a person who will take the first step when it comes to relationship, but always accept and appreciate the attention they receive.

They know how to be a difficult loving partner for communicating. They know how to be fair to everyone in their home even when they criticize nonstop.

C-group persons, peaceable

Persons that ring finger is the same length as the index finger are people with big heart, deep empathy. This persons are very good-natured and always empathize with others.

They have expressed and sometimes sarcastic humor, they are telling the truth through a joke. These figures are great romantic partners, loyal and dedicated.

They are dangerous when someone will hurt them and know how to fight on the impact.It look like on our hands and fingers is written much more than we think.

If the length of the little finger us describes on the loving plan, and the lines on the palms speak generally of our life, happiness and love, get ready for something plus – the shape of your fingertips reveals your character. It may sound funny, but surprisingly – quite true.

Type A

  • You tend to hide your feelings and behave melancholy.
  • Basically, you are very emotional type. You are to fine people you meet.
  • You have a big heart and want to help people.
  • All your thoughts can be seen through your expressions.

Type B

  • You are very loyal. As soon you fall in love with someone, you give them his full attention and will always think of them.
  • Once you decide to do something, most will try to complete all the way.
  • You stay calm, even when you feel very upset about something.
  • You look like a strong and independent person who always speaks sharp even when you have a soft heart and can easily be damaged inside.