When asked what is a human soul, you will get a different answer from each person. The Bible for an example, is not perfectly clear about it, but from studying how it is interpreted, we can come to some conclusions.

In simple words, the soul is the non physical part of the human. It is the part that continues to live on even after a person dies.

What is the Human Soul

What is the Human Soul

When the Bible described how the soul is departing from the body, we made it clear that it is something that is eternal.The human soul is considered to be the center of the human being.

You do not have a soul, you already are one. All you have is a body. So, the person is not based on having a body, but on having a soul. In the Bible, there is often a reference to the soul, stating how the entire existence of the human as a whole cannot be without having a soul.

The human soul is very much different from the spirit, the heart and the mind. This is all because the human soul is created by God, and whether it is strong or fragile, lost or saved, it lives on.

In order to purify the soul we all need atonement every once in a while, and then it shall be protected from Jesus and reflect the work of the Holy Spirit. If you want to find peace for your soul, always turn to Jesus. After all, he also had a soul.

But, note that there is a subtle difference between the terms human soul and spirit. In the Bible they both seem to be used, and yet, interchangeably, even though there is a slight impairment in the words.

Because, if that wasn’t the case, how could God divide the soul and the spirit? This is all because when the Bible talks about taking up a spirit, it means taking away the direction and inner force which ultimately puts the human in an ever-moving state.

This is why it has been stated that only two things are eternal – the Word of God and the soul of men. They both are imperishable.

This could be an inspiring point for you, because every person you meet is a soul that will live eternally. Every human who has ever lived had a soul which continued to exist, the only question is, where?