It is not only way to stay fit by doing exercises and eat healthy. If you want the better results in a very short time, than you must have special nutrition that works better with your metabolism.

To have fit and healthy body, try to work on your metabolism first… the more you burn calories and throwing out unnecessary substances you would have fit and energized body.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Several ways that you will use for faster metabolism and weight loss

  • Meal on time

We must have 5-6 meals a day distributed among 3-4 hours. If our meals are not on time when we are hungry, our body stores the energy.

As a result of that we have slow metabolism and less energy.

  • Grab the day

It is harder to workout at night because we are exhausted from the day. Grab the day from the morning sunlight, it will give you energy, motivation.

  • Choose healthy carbs

If you are on a low carb diet that can effect negative on your body. Our body needs carbohydrates for energy while you are doing workout. That diet can make your body shaking all the time.

So instead eating unhealthy carbs- choose healthy.

  • The most necessary thing

Water increases energy. Dehydration is one of the reasons to feel tired. By drinking water you accelerate your metabolism and helps in losing weight.

Weight Loss

That is why every diet recommends drinking at least 2 liters of water daily. Drinking 1-2 glasses of water before a meal significantly reduces appetite and leads to input fewer calories.

  • Avoid non-organic food

The basis of organic vegetables and fruits is the use of environmentally friendly products that do not contaminate the food.

Fruit, vegetables and meat are grown faster, sprayed harmful substances, but that can cause hormonal disbalance and many bad things in our body.

  • Stay active

Exercising help us to feel better. You can get rid of stress, the body will produce hormones that cause appearance of positive feeling, and also contribute for better health.

Regular physical activity reduces blood pressure, also reduces rapid pulse. You can reduce,, the bad cholesterol “,and also increases the level of ,,the good” and you’re bee away from cardiovascular diseases.

  • Iron in your diet

Which benefits has our body by consuming iron through the food?

Regular intake of iron in normal amounts gives oxygen in our muscles to work well. You can import iron by eating green salads, spinach, pumpkin seeds, lens, red meat, fish, beans and egg yolk.

Symptoms of iron deficiency are malaise and fatigue, dizziness or fainting, hair loss, decreased concentration, headaches, brittle nails.

  • Find way to relax

The last thing about having an energized body, you have to release the stress from your minds. Current liabilities make us very nervous, tired, anxious so we recommend some tips to relax.

Breathe deeply, aromatherapy is a good way to release stress, listen to music, have cup of tea and laught.