There are a lot of health conditions which can be associated with walking or running, which are usually aerobic exercises. These exercises can stimulate the loss of weight, lower your risk of any heart disease, cancer or diabetes, reduce the blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels, increase your levels of energy, improve your quality of sleep and your overall mood.

One of the most beneficial things for the health of your body and your overall health is the walking. It will improve your cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of any disease and give more strength to your muscles.

Walking is Better Than Running

Walking is Better Than Running

The brisk walking is much more efficient than the running when it comes to reducing the risk of a heart disease. When researchers compared the six year studies between walkers and runners, the reulsts were incredible! The walkers were the ones who got the more benefits from their workouts. Walking can affect the heart disease risk factor such as the risk of diabetes, the risk of high cholesterol levels, the risk of high blood pressure.

The leader of this study Dr. P. Williams from the Californian Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory claimed that the moderate intensity running as well as walking provides excellent health benefits because they both involve the same group of muscles.

The only difference between these two exercises is that they include different intensitites of the same workout. Some other advantages of these activities is that they will not cost you a thing, they are extremely easy to do and you can basically do them everywhere. But the running is definitely the more demanding one.

Despite everything, there are some dangers if you are pushing yourself too hard. One study actually revealed that those people who overstrain their bodies can reverse the effects and benefits of the exercise.

This exact same study also found that people who ran less than three times within a week for one to two hours at a slower pace had the lower risk of dying during the study. This is a study that also confirmed that you are able to gain the same health and fitness benefits more with walking than with running.

Walking is an excellent exercise for those who are experiencing some health problems or just want to take up some exercise. It can be less stressful for the people who are overweight.

The running increases your risk of any injuries to the knee, ankle and the hip joints. The walking is a much easier version for the knee and the hip joints but despite all of that, you should do some lounges and squats two times in a week.

If you want to, you can include the walking in your work like a treadmill desk or a walking meeting.But, if you are one of those people who prefer running over walking, find a way to lower the risk of an injury such as running on better surfaces like cinders, man made tracks, earth, woodland trains and grass.

You also have to consider buying a good pair of walking shoes. You should run in a proper form and increase your running time gradually.