The most ordinary thing a person can do is walking. Unless there is some form of physical  impairment in a person, we usually take this ability for granted. One French study suggests that we should definitely try paying some more attention to the benefits the walking will get us, especially when we are of an older age.

The simple act of walking around had an amazing effect with adults who were over 65 – over the course of this study that took about a year to be completed, walking on a regular basis, about 15 minutes in a day reduced the mortality rate for 22%, believe it or not. And the rate got even higher with longer and more frequent activity levels.

Walking Can Change Everything

Walking Can Change Everything

The lead researcher on this study says that the age can never be an excuse for an exercise. It is commonly known that the regular physical activity can have a better overall health than any medical treatment whatsoever.

Less than what turned out to be half from all the older adults are achieving the recommended minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity and 75 minutes vigorous intensity workout within every week.This is a fact that should not come as a surprise to you.

This is because the walking is so basic for all of us, it has been extensively studied because it has significant effects on several different aspects of of the human lives and conditions. Some people do not look at the walking as an aerobic exercise and tend to ignore the benefits of it.

These people tend to define the aerobic to something that stimulates the respiratory and heart rates in order to pump additional oxygen to the muscles. Even a slow stroll can do that so, the faster you’re walking, the more aerobic you’re doing.

The increase in the cardiovascular circulatory and respiratory operations mean that the nutrients will go where they have to go in order to support the exercise. The energy is not stored, but used, and all your muscles, bones, as well as organs are strengthened. We are sure that our bodies are made for movement.

Without any doubt, the sedentary lifestyle that deters from the adequate exercises for the body will definitely lead to illness. If you put your body into a routine of sedentary lifestyle and low exercise rate you will suffer from what is called sedentary death syndrome.

Yes, this condition is very much real and it has been deemed to be the major public health difficulty because it is the main cause of plenty of diseases and chronic illnesses as well as deaths each year. So, if you’re not using it, you will lose it – this goes for every piece of your body, whether it is your muscles, condition, mind, this is the definition for it all.

A study conducted in the year of 2016 found out that by increasing the amount of walking for children who were obese of 45 minutes a day, five times within a week increases the capacity of their lungs in just a period of six weeks. In addition to this, the interval training is not only for the high impact aerobic exercises, if you mix fast walking with slow walking then your fitness levels will be more improved than if you’re just walking at one pace all of the time.

By walking outdoors you will support and improve your mental health. The natural surroundings, away from all the devices and electronics will improve your mood significantly, decrease your stress and lower the rates of depression.

The sunshine will make sure that your body is nourished with Vitamin D, and take into consideration here that the deficiency of Vitamin D is becoming more and more frequent these days, in the industrial world we live in. But, walking in the house is also good as walking outside of it.

One study conducted at the Stanford University found out that walking on a treadmill facing a space in front of you that is black can result in the same response to the body as taking a walk outside the house does. So, in the end, it does not matter if you are inside or outside, if you are walking a distance every day, your body and mental activity will significantly improve.

It is literally a walk in the park – when something on our body hurts, we do not want to touch that part. Well, the paradox here is that regular walking activity will improve your mobility and will reduce your risk of being injured.

All of the weight bearing exercises (including the walking) will give additional strength to your connective tissues and muscles, as well as your bones, will increase the supplies of nutrients and blood too. This is why the Arthritis Foundation recommends walking, these are the main reasons, and there are plenty more to give. If you deprive yourself from walking, the joints will not have enough life giving fluids, which ultimately speeds up your deterioration.

In addition to this, the AHA (American Heart Association) associates the walking with lower risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke. It is recommended that on a daily basis one should have at least 30 minutes of walking completed, or any physical activity whatsoever, bringing it to a total of 150 minutes of moderate and 75 minutes of vigorous activity in one week in order to experience the protective effects that the exercises can bring to you.

These exercises (among which the walking is the most important), does not have to be all in one time – two 15 minute walks are as much good as one 30 minute walk. You can even start by walking with a slower pace and work your way to your improved speed and endurance.

To make things even better, if you’are having trouble sleeping at night, walking is the solution to that issue as well. The Sleep Foundation reviewed one study that showed how a bit of moderate intensity workout (such as walking), will reduce your time you need to take in order to fall asleep, and will increase the length of sleeping time with people who are suffering from chronic insomnia in comparison to those people who did not take up any exercise at all.

That is a pretty imressive result taken after only one walk.To summarize it all, not everyone can got to the gym and work out or run 10 flights of stairs but a lot of us can simply walk.

Because of all the benefits we mentioned above, it is definitely worth going out on a little stroll. All you need are a comfortable pair of shoes and about half an hour from your time. Who cannot make some time for this?