Everything is excessive –it isn’t good. As same as with jewelry and makeup, you must be attentive with the products of preparative and decorative cosmetics.

They follow the same rule, less is more. Frequent and excessive use can cause negative effects on your health.

Using Vaseline

Using Vaseline

Vaseline is very often used by population but very little people know about his negative effects of your health. There are more healthy thinks that can be used for chapped lips, dry skin, diaper rash…

Vaseline is not natural product. It is made from petroleum jelly and is product composed from the remains of oil refining process.

Vaseline is used in large numbers of product, starting from baby products to lotions and creams. His main role is to protect the skin.

But it also can create good place for bacteria multiplication and shut down the pores. If you use him on burns you can make it worse. In that way you prevent your organism’s ability to fight off the heat.

  • The Vaseline is full with hydrocarbons

Petroleum jelly disables the body from absorbing the needed compounds to truly heal. In Vaseline is found mineral oil hydrocarbons, which are contaminant of the human body.

  • It destroys the skin collagen

It doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and take important nutrients and substances. This leads to more collagen being spent in order to keep moisturized.

  • It increases the estrogen levels

It happens when the organism contains more than allowed estrogen, and keeps progesterone levels low. Normal health treats that follow are menstrual problems, normal infertility, allergies. Vaseline contain a lot of chemicals known as xenoestrogens and it is the main reason of elevated presence of estrogen inside the body.

  • Can cause pneumonia

This can happen if you inhale a significant amount of petroleum jelly and lung inflammation occurs. This health condition is called lipid pneumonia.

In the nature you can find very better solution instead Vaseline. They are for sure healthier then Vaseline. Try this for example.

  • Shea Better – contains Vitamins A, F and E and can bring your skin to perfection. It will boost collagen production, prevent inflammation and allow the skin to absorb the healthy fatty acids it needs.
  • Beeswax – it is great skin protector. You can use it like a body lotion and lip balm to.
  • Coconut oil – it provides to your skin a plenty of fatty acids, anti-inflammatory qualities, lauric acid. It is excellent solution for your skin.
  • Cocoa butter – he protect your skin and also slows down the process of aging.