The most popular chips you all know about is Pringles. But you must also know that you need urgently to avoid it. You already ask why?

This can of chips is full with carcinogens and toxins.

Unhealthy Products

Unhealthy Products

Other important information is that the factory that produces this chips, didn’t use potatoes, but instead that, she uses potato flakes, corn and wheat.

All these ingredients are mixed in dough and added in to molds. After that they are cooked in bowling oil, and when is over its sprayed with powered flavor. In the end is packed in cans.

The most dangerous ingredient is Acrylamide which is hazardous carcinogen. Also is toxic that is unsafe for people and animals. In this chips is contained in much higher dose that can be allowed.

He is consumed orally and through the gastrointestinal tract is absorbed in all organs and extensively metabolised. During the process comes to the formation of glicidamid causing mutation of genes and tumors.

FSA undertook a study of 13 animals in order to prove that such compounds are harmful to human health.

The animals were susceptible to junk food like chips and other products containing acrylamide, after which it was shown that such food can cause a serious threat to human health.

Food producers are warned for this chemicals that increase the risk of getting cancer, which are various products for daily use and food, especially products such as potato chips, snake, snacks, instant coffees and biscuits with ginger.

Acrylamide occurs more often when you prepare food in a high temperature. This means that temperature has to be higher than 100 ˚C.

When the food is conducted on a heat it makes the food yellow/ brown and the food gets a better taste.The most dangerous Acrylamide can be for children. There are the most exposed because the lower body mass.