Today the subject is one of spices, very powerful spices, their properties and how they can benefit us. Turmeric is a spice with a very distinctive taste and with a color of dark yellow, it is found in India and as you can guess, India is the biggest supplier of this spice throughout the world.

The sole process of creating it is very complicated – starts with picking turmeric plant roots, drying them on an extremely high temperature (this is usually done in ovens), and then grinding them to create a powder. Although it’s mainly used in the kitchen, to spice up different meals, due to the properties it owns, it’s purpose expanded to the cosmetic isle.



This amazing spice can help you with your skin problems. It is found to cure plenty of skin-connected issues, such as dark circles around the eyes, spots,  acne, wrinkles, redness, inflammation, facial hair.

But, you want to be careful with this last one, because if you try this remedy for facial hair removal you need to be easy around the headlines and the eyebrows, because of it’s powers, it may do damage to them too. Furthermore, it reduces the pores, clears up and lightens your skin, it is basically a miracle worker.

The best part is that you can make a mask out of this spice, it is definitely the cheapest mask you’ve ever met, all of the ingredients can be found in the kitchen, and if you do it, your skin will be forever thankful to you. It will become shiny, with glow and as smooth as it can be.

How to make a tumeric mask

First of all, you will need to take two tablespoons of flour, a teaspoon full of tumeric, and mix them up well together in a bowl. Then, add a tablespoon of almond oil and a couple of tablespoons of milk.

While blending all the ingredients together, you will tell how much milk do you need in order to create a paste, not very liquid and not very firm, it should look like a mask you would buy from the store.

Next, what you have to do is proof everything. Tumeric, as previously mentioned, has a deep yellow color, and can leave a stain on basically anything, so when you put on a mask, make sure you wear old clothes and use gloves on your hands, in order to prevent your nails and fingers from turning yellow.

Also, when you wash the mask off your face, if you stain the sink, be sure to clean it up right away.

Now, for the application part – you take the paste (preferably with your fingers, that way you will get better coverage) and apply gently on your skin with circle movements. Make sure you avoid the eyebrows, because as we stated, the mask removes facial hair, and one wouldn’t want to be left without eyebrows.

Although, you can apply just below the eye, if you are suffering from dark circles, but again, be careful not to touch the lower eyelashes. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, then use lukewarm water to wash it away.

If you have difficulties washing off the yellow color from your face, use a wet towel, and at the end a face cleanser or lotion, just for a finishing touch.

After you’re done, you can put the rest of the mask in the fridge and use it later on. For visible results in a short period of time use this mask once or twice a week at least. The results will astonish you.