In today’s modern society with highly developed technology it is easy to track someone’s phone, especially smart phone. Imagine that someone can see your personal data and can spy through a mobile phone that you hold in your hand, and for that you are not aware.

From the classic lunch deal, gossip with friends to revealing secrets, there are so many things that we say on the phone. Maybe someone follows you and takes note of your conversations.Here’s how to know if someone eavesdrop phone.

Tracking your Cell Phone

Tracking your Cell Phone

These are the main “symptoms”:

  1. The battery is spent quickly

If the phone is charging more than usual, it is a sign that someone might tracking you. When the phone is tracked, the battery is consumed very quickly.

Tracked mobile phones continuously recorded conversations in their environment even if they seem to be at a standstill.

However this sign do not take “for granted” because as older phone is also reduces the battery capacity.

  1. Noise

When you speak, tracked phone can emit sounds and background noise, something like an echo, electrical discharges clicks.

  1. Strange activity

Another sign that you are tracked can be if the phone “refers strange” that means if opens an application or turns itself off.

  1. Obstacles

If you use your mobile phone near other electronic devices (eg TV) and it causes interference, it may be due to the presence of other devices in the housing of the mobile phone. In most cases, the obstacles are normal, but if occurring at a time when using the phone, it really means that you tapped.

  1. You can’t turn off your phone quickly

If turning off your phone is taking more time than usual, then probably someone is tracking your phone. The reason is that needs more time to shut down or tapping programs.