Many people tend to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper while using a public restroom. Most of these people are doing this in order to protect themselves from getting a disease.

However, even though this protective layer can provide you with comfort and reassurance, it cannot protect you against any disease. The toilet paper can actually be more harmful to your health than the toilet seat itself.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Here is why you should never place toilet paper on the toilet seat.

Lining the Toilet Seat with Paper Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

It was long believed that STDs and gastrointestinal infections can be transmitted through toilet seats. Nevertheless, a recent study has proven that this is not the case.

According to the experts, the toilet seats don’t transmit any infections, and you cannot get any disease by using them.

Placing toilet paper on the toilet seat can actually do more harm than good. This is because the toilet paper is full of harmful bacteria and viruses that can damage your health.

While using a public toilet, the people flush it without putting down the toilet seat. The study has discovered that when the toilet gets flushed, the splashes can reach up to two meters in height.

Therefore, all the bacteria and viruses can get stuck on the toilet paper.

By lining the toilet seat with paper, you are exposing your body to more bacteria and germs, so it is advisable that you avoid using this method.

Even though there might be certain disease-causing bacteria on the toilet seats, such as E. coli or streptococcus, your skin serves as an efficient barrier that can protect you from getting any infection.