The Cuban Coast Guard has just announced this morning that they intercepted a ship which was heading to the the island. The ship was at first presumed to be SS Cotopaxi.

This ship was a tramp steamer which in the year 1925, in December, vanished and has been connected to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle ever since.The Cuban authorities spotted this ship on the 16th of May, west of Havana, in the restricted military zone.

This Ship Has Been Missing

This Ship Has Been Missing

They immediately gave a few attempts to communicate with the crew, and after that was unsuccessful, they sent three patrol boards to check the situation in person.To their surprise, when they got to the hip, they realized that it has been the steamer Cotopaxi which had vanished about 100 years ago and was connected to the Bermuda Triangle.

Of course, no one was on board of the ship, it just seemed that it has been abandoned for decades. This was the only thing that suggested it indeed was the boat which disappeared in 1925.

The boat was later on thoroughly searched and the logbook of the captain was discovered. It indeed was associated with one of the owners of the SS Cotopaxi, but had no information about why this ship has been off the grid for the past 90 years.

One of the Cuban experts, Rodolfo Salvador Cruz confirmed the authenticity of the logbook. Despite everything, this logbook contains important information about the work of the crew before the ship completely disappears.

Unfortunately, the entries come to a sudden stop on the 1st of December, 1925. On the 29th of November, 1925, this ship has departed from Charleston in South Carolina, heading towards Havana, Cuba, with a crew of 32 men and the captain W. J. Meyer. The ship was carrying 2340 tons of coal.

Two days later, it had been reported to be missing, and was not found until just now.The Cuban authorities announced that they would begin an investigation concerning the disappearance and then re-appearance of this ship.

The government finds it very important to discover what happened. They have to make sure that this will not happen again. They think that it is high time to uncover the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle once and for all.

The Bermuda Triangle is the space between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, and has been a mystery since who knows when. Hundreds of planes and ships have disappeared through the years there under unknown circumstances.

This is where the popular culture comes to the scene. Some have described it as an activity of extraterrestrial beings, others as paranormal phenomena and so on.

But despite the popular beliefs, the scientists do not believe in these theories and blame the human and their lack of expertise is the one thing that led to all of these disappearances.

However, the uncovering of this ship has opened up many subjects and questions, which may push some of the experts to change their opinions.