Today we are going to talk about a particular kind of fish which is very popular in Europe and in the United States, just because of its availability and low price. It is the Basa fish. But, have you ever wondered about the quality of this fish? Well, what you’re about to read next will shock you!

The Pangasiusbocourti, or the Basa fish is a specific kind of a cat fish which is native to the Mekong basin in Indochina. This is a very popular type of fish with quite the international market, and is often referred to as a panga.

This Fish is Very Dangerous

This Fish is Very Dangerous

But, nevertheless, these fish are farmed in open cages and are highly unhealthy, not to mention that their meat has been red flagged by plenty of the environmental agencies. The Basa fish is unfortunately, usually farmed in sewage waste pools and they are all fed with hormones and antibiotics so that they can grow bigger and avoid any diseases.

There have been plenty of tests done on the toxic contaminants on the meat itself, and unfortunately, again, several of them have come back positive for presence of heavy metals, chlorate, hexachlorobenzene, isomers and other contaminants. Just because of these findings, the USA has banned the import of this particular type of fish.

When in nature, tha Basa fish feeds on plants and grows about 4 times faster than in these horrible conditions. Another thing that has to be added here is that the farmed Basa contains no nutritional value whatsoever, no omega 3 oils or any other beneficial compounds for what it’s worth. It is a fish sold by companies who do not have your health at their best interest, and the low price of this type of fish is because of the highly unhealthy way of farming it.

So, the next time you go to the store to buy fish, remember that when you see those low priced frozen Basa fillets, don’t go after them, but try your best to avoid them in order to preserve your health!