The World’s Oldest Surgeon

Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina is an 89-year-old surgeon working at the Ryazan City Hospital, Moscow.

Dr. Levushkina is believed to be the oldest surgeon in the world, and she has no plans of retiring. Despite the fact that she is almost 90, she still performs four surgeries every day.

She has been a surgeon for 67 years. During her career, she has performed more than 10,000 operations, and she has a track record of zero fatalities.

Alla says that she doesn’t have any intention of slowing down because being a doctor is a lifestyle rather than a profession. Due to her loyalty to her profession, Alla has recently received an award for being the best doctor in Russia.

Alla lives in a flat where she takes care of her disabled nephew and her eight cats. She says that she doesn’t have any secret to her long life. She believes that happiness is the reason behind her health, fitness, and longevity.