The tea is a delicious, healthy and a calming drink, which is also a healthier caffeine source than coffee or energy drinks. However, there have been some recent researches which have shown that the conventional tea brands are high in toxic substances such as pesticides and fluoride, which ultimately makes them unsafe for consumption.

This is why you need to refrain from endangering yourself and your overall health by trying to save up a couple of dollars, and make sure you opt for healthy, more expensive tea brands.In most of the cases, the tea is not washed before it is distributed into bags, so, if it previously has been treated with pesticides, these chemicals are the ones that will end up in your tea cup.

Teas Filled With Pesticides

Teas Filled With Pesticides

Researchers have found out that the numerous brands of tea that are not organic contain pesticides which are known carcinogens. The most popular tea brands often list them as natural flavors, but they are not that.

There is a list of meanings to the label of which you do not know.The Food Research International has published a study which shows that the British population has greatly exceeded the recommended daily intake for fluoride, which has caused some disastrous heath consequences.

The overexposure to the fluoride has then been found to be linked to the consumption of the tea. This overexposure will lead to issues with your teeth, bones and kidney.

Actually, the fluoride is found in the soil, and the tea plants absorb it while they are growing. This is why the older leaves contain the most of it and are very low in antioxidants.

The cheaper quality tea brands are often using the older leaves, which explains the high level of toxins in our bodies. The investigation, which was led by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation included several different tea companies, including No Name, Lipton, Signal, Tetley, King Cole, Uncle Tee’s Legends of China, Twinnings, and led to very disturbing results.

What the researchers found out is that half of these tea brands contained toxins above the legal limit. The worst offenders are the following:

  • Uncle Lee’s Legends of China contained about 20 different types of pesticides, including the endosulfan, which can lead to the damage of the nervous system.
  • No Name, it contained about 10 different pesticides.
  • King Cole was also found to have monocrotophos, which is a compound that is about to be banned because of its terrible side effects such as an irregular heartbeat and coma.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the other tea brands are safe, but the only tea brand that showed no signs of pesticides whatsoever was the brand Red Rose. Of course, these findings are not supposed to make you forget about consuming tea at all, because despite it all, the tea can provide you with numerous health benefits.

The simple solution is to switch to white tea, which is made from the young leaves, so it means that the levels of fluoride in it are at the lowest point. Also, make sure you buy organic and loose leaf tea, or simply brew your own tea in your home.

In addition to this, make sure you always read the list of ingredients and make sure your tea does not contain any GMO ingredients or added flavors. When you are out, always be careful about ordering tea, because many of the restaurants have the low quality pesticide rich tea brands.

In addition, here is what you need to know about the proper time to brew each type of tea:

  • Herbal teas need at least 5 minutes
  • Steep oolong teas need about 4-7 minutes
  • Steep white or green teas need about 2-3 minutes
  • Steep black or Pu-reh teas need about 3-5 minutes

And the following tea brands are those that do not contain a high amount of pesticides and harmful compounds – Red Rose, Two Leaves, Numi Tea, Rishi Tea, Organic Traditional Medicinals, Choice Organic Teas, EDEN Organic, Organic Tazo, Organic Stash.