What is karma? Karma is a means action. It is the equivalent of Newton’s law “Every action must have a reaction”. Strength when we talk and act may be modified or suspended, but most people can’t escape from it.

The law of cause and effect is in favor of learning, it is not a punishment. Ignorance of law is no excuse as to whether the laws are man-made or universal.

Take your Life

Take your Life

To stop being afraid of karma and reincarnation, we offer several karmic laws.

  1. The action law

“As you sow, so shall you reap” .The law comes down to cause and effect. This means that everything that we send into space, over time, will come back.

If you want happiness, peace, love and friendship, then we should be happy, peaceful, filled with love and.

  1. The creation law

Life does not happen anyway, it requires participation. We are one with the universe, inside and out.

Everything that surrounds us speak for ourselves and our inner state. Be yourself surrounded with all the things you want to be present in your life.

  1. The humility law

You can’t change anything unless you learn to accept it. What you refuse to accept, will constantly go at the same pace with you.

If you watch certain things repeatedly as your enemies and pests, then simply you are not prepared for a higher level of existence.

  1. The growth and development law

Wherever you go, you will be there. We are the ones that need to change, not the people and things around us.

Everything we have in this life are we and everything above us we need to establish control. When we change ourselves from the inside, then our heart and life and everything around us will follow that change.

  1. The responsibility law

When you show something bad in your life, it means there is something wrong with yourself. You are a reflection of things around you, and what is around you is a reflection of yourself.

That’s why you have to become responsible for their live.

  1. The connection law

Even when it seems that we do something for nothing, it is important to do it as you need. Everything in the universe is connected.

Each step leads to the next. That’s why you have to start from something, anything, in order to arrive at something else.

The first and last step both have the same importance as both need in order to accomplish the task.

  1. The focus law

You can’t think of two things at the same time.

– When we focus on spiritual values, it is impossible to have a lower thoughts such as greed and anger.

  1. The giving and humility law

If you believe that something is true, then occasionally you need to demonstrate it in your life.  This is exactly where what we say in theory, we should put into practice.

  1. The law of change

The history will repeat until you learn the lessons you need to change your own way. Learn from the mistakes, but try and remember those lessons because at some point you can find yourself at the same place again as last time when you were in the same or similar situation.

  1. The law of now and here

If you see too much in the past, you are missing to be here and now. Old thoughts, old behaviors, old dreams … All these things prevent us to have new things.

  1. The law for patience and reward

Each award requires initial work. The awards that have a lasting effect require patience and consistent effort.

The real joy comes when you work those things that you need to do and allowing the award to come alone, in its time.

  1. The law of significance and inspiration

Always we return what we have invested. The real value of something is a result of the energy and intention which had been invested in it.

Any personal contribution brings its own reward. Those things that lacks light are pale and small, while those that contain love, are bringing life and inspiration.