According to a researches many women do not include enough: fiber, calcium magnesium, iron also vitamins A, D, E and C in their menus.

Vitamins and minerals are very important for women for maintenance their health, vitality and beauty. Although all vitamins and minerals are important we will mention a few which are women top five:



Vitamin E –vitamin of a youth

This powerful and strong antioxidant is famous of doing an amazing job improving and protecting a skin and whole organism preventing early aging and developing illness.

Also helps in menstrual period, lowering cholesterol, protecting your heart, strengthening the immune system, and keeps your reproductive system healthier.

Vitamin D-vitamin of the sun

The largest amounts we receive through synthesis under the influence of the sun. In the past these amounts have been more staying outdoors but today when most of the year we spend in a close places, this vitamin became deficient.This vitamin is good for muscle composition.

Vitamin B complex –vitamin of energy source

This vitamin affects the increase in energy and mood, good night sleep, healthy appetite. Women love this vitamin because makes their hair and nails look beautiful and healthy.

Iron – mineral of strength

Its key role is the decomposition of red blood cells that supply vital organs and tissues of oxygen, and the first indication of iron deficiency is constant tiredness and lack of energy.

Zinc –mineral of beautiful skin

Zinc is a very important mineral in the female body as a positive effect on hair growth and appearance of the skin and nails. Many skin problems such as acne dermatitis etc.

A’s well as brittle fingernails with white spots, are the result of a lack of zinc in the body.
So what can we do to improve our health and be more beautiful?

Buying expensive products doesn’t necessary means that they are always what we need .Sometimes the right thing or product is just round the corner. Putting make up on does not always make us beautiful.

Don’t forget that the beauty comes from the inside. That is why we should at least try to eat more healthy. For example: avocado, papaya, mango, guava and others products named “must have” food.
In a nearby supermarket you can buy everyday products and with a right combination you can make them very useful.

Green apples


On average, the water is 82% of the fruit, carbohydrate has about 12%, fat and protein together around 1%, and the pulp of the fruit in an amount of about 1%.

In a addition to the basic substance, apples also contain a number of other ingredients necessary for the human body : a sugar ( glucose, fructose and sucrose), insoluble fiber (pectin ), organic acids (sugar and acid ratio determined sweetness ), all the essential and non-essential amino acids, flavoring substances ,color (chlorophyll ) ,vitamins and minerals (has a lot of potassium).

Apple can be eaten fresh or cooked but don’t throw away the peel because there is the source of antioxidant and fiber.



Raspberries are an excellent source of fructose, vitamins C and E, minerals (especially potassium). Still, this fruit is the richest in fiber.

Anthocyanins and polyphenol compounds, which are an integral part of raspberries are powerful antioxidants that have anti cancer properties but this is a protector of many diseases and allies in the fight against cancer.

By consuming raspberry body provides energy the proper functioning of the nervous system and maintain healthy tissue, primarily blood vessels.
You can eat them fresh or make some excellent smoothies



The carrots contains many vitamins and minerals, and because if it’s antioxidant effect it has very beneficial effect on the body. It enhances the natural defensive resistance of the organism.

The carrot is a natural remedy which helps in many diseases and pathological conditions.
You can eat them fresh or cook them in soup or make a nice smoothie.



Cucumber also has a lots of vitamins and minerals and it is ideal for a detox. It helps in many diseases, it helps in losing weight because of huge amount a presence of water
You can use a cucumber in many salads to feel fresh and hydrated.