On question, ‘Do you shower in the morning or evening?’, Most people respond that they take a bathe at night. Although you are convinced that you are doing the right thing, just so you know, you make a big mistake, or so say doctors.

If you bathe in the morning, the skin will soon restore its natural layer that forms just in the morning, say dermatologists. They add that soap should be used every day and recommend baths of oil base in combination with milk skin care.

Stop Damaging your Skin and Hair

Stop Damaging your Skin and Hair

If you bathe again in the evening, it would be good to mash cream for your skin. But if you think your partner would be more attractive at night in bed just freshly bathed, , maybe you’re wrong.

Dermatologists suggest that you do not have to deny the daily showering, but you need to learn to do it properly.

It is important to learn to properly take a shower, so it does not dry your skin. Many times when you read this, people are so secure in themselves and they will say – “I take shower my whole life, is there anything you do not know?” – but trust us, that these tips will come good.

Low temperature are drying out the skin, and when it will join with excessive showering almost guaranteed to get chapped, irritated and sore skin.Probably like most people, you use soap or shower gel, and it is your big mistake.

Namely, soap removes all oils and fats from the skin, so it dries quickly. Therefore Dr. Carlos recommends soap to be used only under the armpits, in the groin, the feet. The rest of the body you need to simply wash with warm water and not get too long in the shower.

These are some tips you need to follow when you’re showering up:

  • Too hot water

Make you’re one of many people that enjoy in hot water in winter. But hot water is not good for your skin, it dries it, and makes your hair fizzy. So stop showering with hot water or limit the time.

  • No exfoliation

Not to often and if your soft sponge is not enough try to use ground coffee or brown sugar.

  • Too much exfoliation

Try to not do this in every time you take a shower. That will increase production of oily substance that is called sebum, so that will make your skin oiler.

  • Rinse it with plain water

Before you shampoo your hair is good to rinse your hair with plain water. That will remove dirt and your hair will produce residues.

  • Give your hair a break

If you wash your hair every day she will became oiler and dry. If you can’t avoid washing it every day, then try to not add any shampoo or conditioner. Wash it just with plain water.

  • Not to long showers

Showering for a long time can be relaxing, but it is not good for your skin or hair. It can dry it.

  • Don’t switch shampoo

Too often switching the shampoo can really damage your hair. Try to use conditioner always.

  • Don’t rub, but tap

If you want to dry, not rub but tap with the towel. If you rub you can irritate your skin and damage your hair.

  • No need to soap your whole body

Try to use soap only at odor-causing areas on your body, like face, feet, groin, buttocks and armpits.

  • Spending money on ,,natural,, products

Not every ,,natural,, product that you’ll buying can be good for your skin. Even they can destroy lipid barrier on the skin.