Do you plan to start losing weight, but you will start from this Monday … or the next … But we have good news for you! No need to sweat to lose weight. You need only walking. Walking is the easiest and simplest training, while it is proven that it improves mood and protects health.

Walking is the easiest and simplest way to physical activity. It has been proven that it improves mood, protects health and helps in weight loss and maintenance of the desired weight.

Steps a Day

Steps a Day

Walking can also contribute to losing weight without changing your diet. Check how many steps you are doing if it is enough to lose weight.

A recent study found that women that make 3,520 steps a day (about half an hour walk) lost more than 2 kilograms a year without changing their eating habits. Also harmful fat from the stomach are reduced by 12%. To find out if you make enough steps to lose weight, read this article in which we present the average number of steps

After minutes:

1 minute – 118 steps

10 minutes – 1,180 steps

30 minutes – 3.540 steps

60 minutes – 7.080 steps

After Mileage:

1.6 km – 2,000 steps

4.8 km – 6,000 steps

8 km – 10,000 steps

12.9 km – 16,000 steps

In doing out household duties:

Purchasing – 67 steps

Deletion of the floor – 101 step

Cleaning – 94 steps

Working in the garden – 89 steps

Small changes in everyday life can help to increase the number of steps. Before you leave for shopping, walk a little in the market or shopping center.

When are in your workplace try to use toilet that is in the second floor. When you perform daily tasks, park the most distant place in the parking lot and the most distant parking.

Those women who walk more are satisfied with their life, and health, while those women who did not move appear depression and anxiety.