Puberty is a process of years of physical, psychological and emotional changes through which pass all people with normal development. The body can change fast, but at the same time perform changes in the way the adolescent sees the world around him.

Most people remember puberty as an awkward period – acne, visible hair in certain places on the body, weight gain, strange new feelings, stronger body odor, frequent mood swings … The transition from child to adult is unique to each girl.

Starting Puberty Early

Starting Puberty Early

While some starting earlier and going at high speed, with other symptoms appear a few years later and another with slow pace. Regardless of the differences, the fact is that every young person going through this process of sexual maturation that prepares the body for reproduction.

One of the differences between puberty in girls and boys is exactly the age at which started big changes. Among the representatives of female puberty starts earlier, so the first symptoms usually appear between 8 to 13 years of age.

On the other hand, the guys usually reach puberty between 10 and 16 years of age.Wanting to discover the cause of early entry into puberty in girls, the researchers conducted extensive research, and the results shocked them.

In fact, it is already proven that the consumption of sweetened beverages is associated with an increased risk of obesity and diabetes type 2, but the new study found that girls who frequently drink sweetened drinks are likely to get menstruation earlier than those who do not consume such kind of drinks and thus potentially increases the risk of suffering from breast cancer.

According to the results, about half of US residents daily consume sugary drinks, including about 60 percent of young women and even girls aged 2 to 19 years. There are monitored 5,500 girls.

It is the first study that directly links the consumption of sugary drinks with premature first menstruation. Professor Mishels and her team followed 5583 girls aged 9 to 14.

At the beginning of the study, which began in 1996, girls had no menstruation. By 2001, a total of 159 girls, or 3 percent of respondents received menstruation.

During the five years the girls completing the survey for their diet, the amount of consumed sugary drinks, as well as those products that contain additional sugars (sucrose, glucose, corn syrup). The researchers found that girls who drank more than 1.5 cups of sweetened beverages a day, received menstruation 2.7 months earlier than those who drank two or fewer cups of these drinks during one week.

It was discovered that girls aged 9 to 18.5 years who drank more than 1.5 cups of sweetened drinks daily are 24 percent more likely to start menstruation in the next month, compared to girls who drank two or fewer cups a week. The final conclusion is that girls who drank the most sugary drinks got my first period at the age of 12.8 years, while those who drank less received menstruation at age 13 or later.

Artificially sweetened drinks have higher glycemic index from natural mild drinks, which can cause a rise in insulin levels. Increasing the concentration of insulin can lead to increased concentrations of sex hormones that can cause earlier periods – said scientist.