Many people switched over dairy milk to soy milk, because they think that is healthy. Also for people who want to avoid lactose the best solution is soy milk.

Soy milk is considered like a health product easily digestible with high nutritional value. Made from soy beans and is a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and slow absorbing carbohydrates.

Soy Milk

Soy Milk


It acts as an excellent source of protein, potassium (supports the functionality of the heart muscle) and sometimes contain calcium. The color and texture resemble thick liquid such as cow’s milk.

It is recommended for people who are on a diet and who want a short time to lose more weight. So why have so questions about the negative effects of soy milk?

In 2005 research on the effects of soy by the University Cornell proved that excessive consumption of soy increases the risk of breast cancer and contributes hormone serious problems.

Soy milk contains these ingredients: cane sugar, seal salt, calcium carbonate, vitamin D2, carrageenan, vitamin B12, vitamin A palminate, riboflavin. Most of these ingredients look familiar and not so dangerous.

But carrageenans is not so familiar. It belongs to the family of linear sulfated polysaccharides. The body is not able to digest carrageenan and it’s destructive to immune system. It can cause inflammation and also chronic diarrhea.

Harmful effect of soy depends from the amount to. Soy products are available in supermarkets and produced fruit table -GM crops, where the fields are polluted, full of pesticides.

Soybean milk in large corporations is prepared by cooking grains cheapest solvents and bleach, the drink is full of artificial additives and then mixed with water. Finally you get a product with very small percentages of natural herb.

Soy milk

  • Affects estrogen levels – it contains large quantities of natural toxins and it can alter the hormones in a women body
  • Contain haemagglutinin – it causes red blood cells to clump together
  • It’s genetically modified – about 99 % of it
  • Contain high levels of phytic acid
  • Contains toxic isoflavones- as we said this can stimulate the growth of existing breast cancer
  • Contain phytoestrogens – lead to infertility and breast cancer
  • Contain high level of goitrogens – that blocks production of thyroid hormones

If you use soy milk might be time to replace it with an alternative. If you can’t use dairy products, then enter nutritional drinks rich in oats and seeds can easily prepare at home. You can use almond milk without disrupt health.

And remember – food that is contaminated with chemicals contributes to weakening the immune system, infertility, aging and adverse changes in the internal organs.Doctors advise that soy milk should be avoided if you want to keep your health!