Maybe it would be easy if life was a movie in which the main characters from the moment they meet, know that their destiny is to be together. But in reality all those things are not so simple and is very difficult to assess whether a relationship has a future or not.

Therefore, we try to go step by step – the introduction, dating, intimacy, request approval from friends and family and eventually move on to the formation of evaluation.It’s really hard to find the right partner with whom you can feel the true love and intimacy and to feel fulfilled and happy.



Sometimes for years we try to find true love, sometimes it is here in front of us but we are not aware of it. Surely you’ve ever wondered is he the right for me?

Some procedures and feeling that the man arouses in you can discover a lot about you as a couple and for your future. Whether your relationship is transitory or is it lasting love is eternal question of what women think more than men.

Each relationship has a boiling point. The girls almost never are certain about their boys and how they feel in the relationship.

If you are in a situation when you need to decide whether you’re with partner that you want to spend your life following this several signs you can verify that you made the right choice.

  1. You overcome everything together

In one relationship there is a lot of obstacles that will follow a both of you. But if you can overcome it together, you will know that are with the right partner. Turn around and despite all that challenges that you past together and you will know if he is your soulmate.

First of all, your partner should be your best friend. Although not able to fully replace your friends, it should always be up to you when you need a frank discussion, no matter what the topic is.

  1. You can read each other minds

If he suffers, you suffer with him if he is happy and you are happy with him. Simple as you share your emotions!

  1. Still yourself

Although you passed lot things together he is the same person that you first fell in love. This doesn’t happen in a relationship that one partner will lose in other entirely.  Yes that’s right. Our faults may have a good side. Each person has its positive and negative side, and you know how the shortcomings of your partner to find their good side. Just like he yours.

You respect his time and you are not pathological tied to each other. You know very well that it is important that everyone has space only for themselves and their own personal development.

  1. Vivid dreams about them

Sometimes in your dream you see him. Your love is so big that you are dreaming about him.

In the morning when you wake up and you see him, you get the desire to hug and kiss him. If so, it is proof of your true feelings and pleasure. If you can’t imagine anyone else besides themselves and are so happy and satisfied, it is just possible that he is the best option for a partner for you.

  1. You are both exploring everything

You enjoy the time spent together and whenever negotiate for the next activity you do so peacefully accepting the ideas and the one and the other. Do not allow any conversation to end an argument, because of different ideas and thoughts.

If you want to progress at workplace, to jump with a parachute or just go out with friends for a drink, the right partner is here to support you in your wishes. When two people truly love, it involves mutual tolerance and respect, but if the other one wishes him quite incomprehensible, you should ask yourself whether you have similar views and desires in life.

You complement each other. You know that none person is perfect. Viewed from the side together you look like the yin-jan. You are perfect together and create harmony.

  1. You operate better when he is with you

Other important sign is when he is not here, you feel that you can’t do anything right. The right soulmate is the one in which you run and look for advice when you are confused and uncertain in itself, because you know that his words are well thought-out and always want the best for you.