Smoothies usually seem like the perfect way to start off the way by meeting the daily goal of fruits and veggies with a hit of vitamins and minerals first in the  morning. But are they really as good as they all seem?

This is the reason we have decided to find it out, once and for all, whether the smoothies are really the healthiest way to start off your day – and here is what we found out.

Smoothies for Breakfast

Smoothies for Breakfast

  • Intake of fruits and veggies – there is a lot of chatting around about how many servings per day should we consume when it comes to the fruits and the vegetables. We have all heard of the five in a day rule, but some new discoveries claim that now it is better to consume even more. Unfortunately, one thing is certain – the Americans are not even close to hitting their daily targets. An astonishing 87% of all the Americans do not meet their recommended fruit consumption in the day, and 91% of them don’t even consume enough vegetables at all. Don’t you think these numbers are a little bit shocking?

The smoothies are considered to be a great way to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. This is especially good in the cases where the thought of munching on the whole foods for too long is a tedious process, or you simply do not have the time to eat.

The liquid fruits and veggies are a sneaky and effective way for your children to hit their regular whole food targets.

  • What about the calories – this is one area about the smoothies where the topic is pretty hot. Some of them can hold even more calories than a dessert. The pack of Planet Smoothie’s PBJ contains 710 calories, Planet Pro Lite Banana and PB contains 540 calories. The Smoothie King’s Hulk Strawberry contains 964 calories per serving, and even if you make it a skinny one, you’d still be consuming about 800 calories in your shake. On the other hand, the McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sundae contains only 330 calories. Of cours,e you can find plenty of low calorie smoothie options, such as the Starbucks Sweet Greens Smoothie, containing only 170 calories, and the strawberry flavor that has 200 calories.
  • Sugar – smoothies can quickly increase their sugar intake if they are filled with certain fruits, fruit juices, honey, dates, agave syrup, flavored yogurts and so much more. Take the Starbucks Strawberry Smoothie, while it is low in calories, you cannot say the same for the sugar content. This smoothie contains two grams more sugar than a can of Coca Cola. Some of the most famous smoothies contain about 125 to 110 grams of sugar, and in the best version you can find a smoothie that contains about 70 grams of sugar, which is still a lot for some people, so you need to take a good look at what you’re consuming.
  • Fat – this is another sensitive subject, and if you are wondering whether smoothies have some ft in them, because, after all, they are a blend of fruits, veggies and extras, we have the answer for you right here. Well, when that extra consists of yogurt, peanut butter, coconut milk, avocado, and even coconut oil, the fat content can quickly add up to your smoothie. Of course, the dietary fat is a very important, even vital part of our dieting plans, but too much of it is just no good. If you are blending your own smoothies, or purchase ones with a sensible amount of fat in them, then you definitely have nothing to worry about when it comes to consuming too much fat. Just remember, if you are consuming fancy smoothies, such as Hulk Strawberry or Hulk Vanilla, you’re looking at consuming about 30 grams of fat before your day has even begun. These 30 grams of fat make up about 70% of your daily fat intake, so, if you’re trying to cut down on fats, make sure you know what you eat.
  • The effects of it on your blood sugar levels – consuming a lot of foods that contain high levels of GI in them will ultimately cause rapid and strong spikes in your blood sugar levels, and will lead to an increased risk of a type 2 diabetes, obesity and even heart disease. Also, in addition to all of this, by changing the composition of the food you change the way your body digests it.

There was a study which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that looked closely at the metabolic responses to all the different forms of food. The researchers found out that when certain foods are blended prior to eating (such at the rice), they cause the body to  react in spikes in  their blood sugar levels.

When it comes to controling the blood sugar levels this is not that big of a deal if you’re otherwise healthy, but it will not keep you as full for a long period of time.

  • The effects of it on your satiety – the sole act of chewing the food priod to swallowing it is made to help you feel full and satisfy the needs of your stomach. Also, it takes more effort to chew the food than to drink it. This added time in which you chew the food actually helps you stay full for a longer period of time. There was even a study that showed that people who chew their food at a slower rate have better levels of satiety. Also, they consumed 10% less calories throughout the entire day.

But, on the other hand, the well balanced smoothie that contains just the right ingredients can boost your feeling of satiety too. A research from the year of 2015 published in the Journal Appetite claimed that the whey protein is proved to be highly satiating, especially when it comes to resistance training athletes.

Some other researches suggest that by drinking a green plant shake in the morning will definitely lower the hunger through the day and promote the process of weight loss.How can smoothies be a good option? Overall, in some situations and with some people, smoothies can actually work.

If you are the kind of person that has a struggle with fitting in some fruits and veggies in your day to day dietary plan, or if you’re a person that skips on breakfast because you’re in a hurry, the smoothie may be just the thing you need. Thanks to all the vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants found in the fresh foods you will include in your smoothie, this is a lot healthier version for you than the bacon sandwich or stack of pancakes.

If you know how to make a smoothie the right way – with a lot of greens, protein and a sensitive amount of healthy fats – then you’ve got yourself a very nutritious meal. Also, the smoothies can be a healthy snack too, as long as the calories are not as much as in the store bought varieties of the smoothie.

But, there are better options too. Because there are concerns about the effects of fullness from the smoothies, and giving the fact that there is a grey area around the digestive benefits, there are definitely better options out there.

Namely, you can always put the whole fruits and veggies in their raw and natural form first, because that is how most of them are intended to be consumed. If you decide to snack on an apple, or some nuts, or simply add some avocado to your green mix, you can as easily get all the components from a smoothie, but this way in their raw form.

This means you will eat slower, savor it more and get more food for your money.So the question here is, how to make a healthier smoothie for yourself? If you are one of those people who would give everything for a good smoothie, you will be very pleased to know that it is easy to lighten up your breakfast.

Here are a few tips for you 

  • Try not to use fruit juice as a base. Some recent analysis of fruit juices indicate that they all contain an enormous amount of sugar. For an example, Minute Maid’s apple juice contains more fructose per liter than Sprite, Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7Up or Dr. Pepper. Better smoothie base choices are water or almond milk.
  • Avoid adding sources of sugar such as dates, agave syrup and honey because the fruit should be sweet enough by itself.
  • Keep an eye on the calories that you consume, as well as the fat levels and the sugar levels. It is definitely worth knowing how many calories are there in your favorite smoothie combinations. In this way you will see whether the smoothie fits in your weight goals or it needs a little skimming.

Bottom line is that the smoothies can do a whole lot for you. They are definitely the best way for you to hit your daily fruit and veggie intake, and they are considered to be an easy and quick breakfast.

Also, some researchers have found that the green smoothies as well as the protein shakes will boost your satiety and promote your weight loss.

If you look at it on the other hand, they can really be high in both sugar and calories. But, if you decide to make a smoothie using no additional sources of sugar, but mainly fruits, veggies, and healthy amounts of protein and fats, you will get the shake you deserve and need.