So, this is an interesting fact – scientists from the University of Exeter have a reason to believe that the smelling the farts can actually prevent cancer, among some other diseases.

The hydrogen sulfide gas is best known to be a pungent gas that has a foul smell, much like rotten eggs and flatulence.

Smelling Farts

Smelling Farts


It is produced in the body naturally, when the foods breaks down, and could, despite the odds, be a healthcare hero with some significant implications for the future therapies concerning variety of diseases. This is what Dr. Mark Wood had spoken about in the university release.

Even though this stinking gas can even knock you out when it is in large dosages, the scientists have a reason to believe that an occasional whiff here and there has the definite ability to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, dementia and arthritis solely by preserving the mitochondria.

Some researchers are even coming up with their own compounds simply to emulate the healthy benefits of this smell.

Another professor from the University of Exeter Medical School, professor Matt Whiteman explains how they have all exploited this natural process by creating a compound, which they decided to call AP39.

It slowly delivers very small amounts of gas, specifically to the main part, which is the mitochondria.

We are proud to say that our results indicate that if all of the common stress cells are bound to be treated with AP39, the mitochondria is protected and all of the cells will stay alive.

So, at the very end, if you get really upset the next time you unintentionally catch a small whiff, remember that you actually need to be grateful about it.

Remember that you have read this post and by all means, try to preserve your health at all costs. Keep yourself healthy and happy, that’s what life is for!