Everybody needs to smell nice and decent, particularly under the armpits. Antiperspirants, deodorants and roll-ons are alright, but however they are not healthy and beneficial, and also not as effective as we think. If by any chance, you don’t like chemicals and attempted antiperspirants that don’t work, read our advices beneath:

Smell Underarm

Smell Underarm

Try to stop shaving

Shaving has entanglements and complications afterwards, since the body has a hair for a reason on the top layer. We irritate the skin with the razors and shaving creams.

Depilation creams and razors make microscopic organisms develop more to the exposed skin. The moisture makes the terrible smell.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Get little lemon juice, just a squeeze only and add apple cider vinegar and some water. Put this in one spray bottle and before you dress, shake up the bottle and spry on the armpits just a little bit.

Likewise, keep one bottle at work for the entire day. The skin will have no microbes and the odor won’t be unpleasant or bad.

Natural soaps

Remove terrible odor by cleaning the entire body with natural cleanser soaps. Handmade soaps of milk (goat), or castile soap.

Talc or baby powder

Stop the bad smell before it happens. Apply powder after you wash with natural cleansers and the microbes won’t show up for the entire day.

Tea tree essential oil

These oils calm and relieve the skin and hide the odor as well. This oil is antifungal and eliminates microbes as well. This was known for centuries back. Blend rosewater and add few drops of tea tree essential oil and spray it under your arms.

Hydrogen peroxide

This can be incredible method for removal of armpit smell. Blend distillated water, rosewater and hydrogen peroxide.


The best and most advantageous natural product that is awesome for this purpose. The lemon balances out the pH factor of the skin. Just simply get a lemon piece and rub it under the arms for about 5 min or leave it stay for 15 min and smell nice and fresh.

Alum crystal

Rub the armpit skin with damp alum piece. Alum crystals works as deodorants by leaving a nice, slightly alkaline film on the skin, inhibiting the growth of microscopic organisms.

It keeps the skin fresh and deodorized, with microbes and no bed smell.