Many people have a scar on the upper left arm… maybe you’re wondering what that mean and where she came from? Here is the answer on your question…

That scar is a result from vaccination which is used before 70s. That Vaccinia is used to boost the immune system and protect the people from Variola virus that killed so many people.

Small Scar on the Left Arm

Small Scar on the Left Arm

Variola virus leads to smallpox that is very dangerous deathly disease.Former Yugoslavia is remembered as the country in which appeared the last epidemic of variola.

From it, exactly 45 years ago, in Serbia officially 175 people became ill, and 40 people died.

After the vaccination blisters start to form. Because bifurcated needle that is used in that process, vaccine is interjected in the skin, the skin is broken and the scar is larger.

In the next 6 – 8 hours after the vaccination a tiny swelling is noticed on the vaccination place, but after that the swelling will disappear. Then you will notice a wound that is like a bite from mosquito.

The wound from the vaccination grows very slowly, after this you will notice a nodule that will break down and relieve some fluid and create ulcer. After that the scar will remain.

After the 70s the smallpox disappeared in the West and this vaccinia is not used anymore. But there are some states in which smallpox are still active.

When someone wants to visit that place, that person has to been vaccinated.Although for years it is considered an eradicated disease, the vaccine against variola is still produced in the world.

People have not been vaccinated against smallpox for a long time, and how much the disease is less present, so the population is less immune. Some countries are rebuilding their vaccine quantities, while the World Health Organization is working with caution and has 60 million doses of vaccinia.