When you are determined to lose some weight, certain changes must be made, especially in the dieting plan.

This is where you have to be extremely careful because there are plenty of processed foods that do not cause bloating, but are still not as healthy as you might think.

Slim Faster

Slim Faster

The key here is to focus on foods that will not increase your water weight and will refrain you from feeling gassy    and bloated.

Now for Some Facts 

The high levels of sodium and sugar in the body are due to the products with high levels of these particular compounds, and they are tough to break down in the stomach.

They make you retain excess amounts of water and do not do your body any good whatsoever.

If you want to see yourself a bit thinner, then you absolutely have to implement healthy and raw foods that are filled with potassium, proteins and fiber.

All you need to do is increase the level of potassium and healthy foods and decrease the sodium level and sugars from your meals, and you will be set.But how to do it?

We Have Comprised a List of Foods That Will Help you Start a Healthier Way of Living


Of course, it is unavoidable to start off the list with this veggie.

Filled with water, potassium and Vitamin C, it will not make you retain any water in the body, will act with it’s detox properties and will do wonders to your body.

Consuming cucumbers will furthermore improve your overall looks, the nails, hair, and skin. When you purchase them from the store, opt for the organic ones, and not the ones sprayed with pesticides.


This food has actually twice the same properties from the cucumber, so it is even more helpful if you are looking to lose some weight.

A great source of fiber and chlorophyll too, which is used for slimming. If you implement it in your meals, you will definitely be pleased with the results!


To stimulate the growth of good bacteria the asparagus is here to help. This veggie is a natural diuretic, making you urinate more after consuming it.

It can boost the function of the liver, and consume them in every possible way – grill them, roast them, put them in a salad – they will provide you with plenty of health benefits either way.


So, you might not have been aware of this, but the pumpkin is filled with minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and iron, making it the perfect compound to help you get slimmer.

It is also rich in Vitamin C and fiber, helping it be digested easier and prevents any bloating in the stomach. It can contribute to an amazing waistline, you will not regret consuming it.


The best fish options are the salmon and the white fish. They are considered to be the most slimming ones, and the most nutrient ones, so however you choose to prepare them, you will not get it wrong.

The only thing you have to be careful about is to always choose wild fish, otherwise the rest of them will fill your body with toxins, because they have been kept on a fish farm.

Red Lentils 

It only takes about 15 minutes to prepare them, and yet they can offer so much nutrients. By eating them you will avoid bloating, giving the fact that they are the only bean that can split in half and digest faster.

They are the best source of protein, minerals and fiber, and are also a tool for when you want to detox your body. Eating lentils regularly will definitely provide you with a smaller waistline and a cleaner body overall.


We took the lemon as an example here, but what you really have to do is make sure you consume all of the citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, and limes.

The lemon is filled with Vitamin C, potassium, water and a lot of antioxidants. It will serve a great purpose if your body is retaining water and makes you gain weight.


The oatmeal, believe it or not, is packed with plenty of nutrients. It contains protein, fiber, water, minerals (including magnesium, iron and potassium), Vitamin B6 and much more.

This is a product you want to consume if you want to get your weight in order. After all, it is extremely beneficial for your cholesterol levels and the health of your heart.

Work their way into your diet as you please – add them to your smoothies, cook them, soak them overnight, just make sure you get the most out of this food.

Plain Greek Yogurt 

This is the best source of potassium and protein. Very low in calories, no cholesterol (or a very small amount of it), filled with magnesium and calcium, do we need to say anything more?

It will not only slim you down but it is an excellent helper if you are looking for building up those muscles.

Bear in mind that the yogurt is the only dairy product that contains probiotics (eating up most of the lactose), and that is why it is digested with ease.


You didn’t think we would round up this list with something else, did you? Do you know what the pineapple can do for you?

Contrary to the myth that it is high in sugar, a cup of pineapple contains less of it than a small apple. Furthermore, it is packed up with Vitamin C (your daily dose of it), potassium, and a particularly good enzyme, called bromelain.

This enzyme helps the breaking down of protein and fat in the body. Other than reducing inflammation, the pineapple contains minerals that are important for thyroid and metabolic health.

Tropical fruits should never be avoided, and this is why you have to add the pineapple to your every day plate!

For some final tips, you have probably already realized that if you want to lose weight, you have to cut out the processed foods and turn to the natural and raw ones.

Choose foods that will not make you feel bloated during the entire day. And at the very end, remember that a variety of nutrient foods is the best way to go!