How many times after having a bath you go to bed with wet hair collected in the towel? Very well know is the sentence “Not fall asleep with wet hair” which our mothers keep us saying it. We always keep asking if that’s true.

How truly harmful is for health to fall asleep with wet hair? Can you catch a cold or can happen something worse?

Sleeping With Wet Hair

Sleeping With Wet Hair

On the Internet you can find countless articles that are related exactly to this issue, but generally all are going down to one thing. Main cause of the cold are viruses and bacteria, so to catch a cold needs to be laid on them.

When you lie down with wet hair, body temperature slightly lowers you, and wet pillow is fertile soil for the development of fungi. Over time you can get a fungal infection that can reduce your immunity and occur in other diseases, but at the same time certainly will not get sick just from wet hair.

On the other hand, if you think of aesthetic reasons why you should not sleep with wet hair, you’ll realize that in this way you can violate and damage the hair.

Disadvantages of going to the bed with wet hair are:

  • Headache

Probably not know, but body temperature in the first stage is reduced to the temperature of the room in which you sleep, the REM stage until such increases. Because the hair is wrapped in a towel, the temperature of the head can’t adjust the temperature of the body and it can cause severe headaches that can keep you awake in the middle of a dream.

  • Hair Breakage

Well known is that wet hair is prone to cracking, especially if you rub with a towel. Because of friction that is created between the hair and the towel she could be damaged.

  • Sticky hair

You could end up with sticky hair especially if you have long hair you must avoid it. In the morning you will end up with tending to entangle and bind among themselves.

  • Infection

The pillow is an ideal place for the development of various bacteria because there is collected dead skin cells and oil from your skin, and dust mites. Add to all this the wet towel and heat and it is enough for the development of pesky fungi.

  • Itchy

Because moisture that is formed in the skin of the head you can wake up with different types of itching.

  • Muscle pain

Temperature change can bring you to muscle pain, but what is worse you can end up with paralysis to.

  • Dandruff

Sleeping with wet hair can disrupt the natural hair pH balance of the scalp. As a result you can start to suffer from dandruff or oily scalp.