We can find signs of mineral and vitamin deficit and other health problem with observing different parts of our body. The skin on our face says a lot about our state of health.

A branch of natural medicine says that if we look carefully at our faces, we can find out what health problems we may suffer form.

Skin on your Face

Skin on your Face


  1. Horizontal wrinkles

We can find them mostly on the side of our eyes and forehead. The presence of them indicates that we may have excess sugar and liquid fats in our diet.

  1. Vertical wrinkles

This can be found on the right site of our eyebrows and they can indicate weakened live function or intoxicated liver.

  1. Vertical lines

This lines indicate liver impairment or weakening of the vessel.

  1. Crease on top of nose

This state is very common and it is a predisposition to allergies. It can also show a presence of disease of the gut or digestive tract.

  1. Bags under eyes

These are woman’s nightmare. But they can indicate kidney problems or fluid retention.

  1. Inflated eyes

If our diet is high in sugar and fat, swollen eyes may indicate that.

  1. Dark circles under eyes

Lack of quality rest and an iron– low diet are the reasons for the dark circles under our eyes.

  1. Yellow skin

Yellow skin indicates a condition that is known by the name of jaundice. This means liver problems.

  1. Reddish skin

Important thing for us is to recognise the differences between the reddish skin after intense exercise of sunbathing and the unhealthy redness.

Lack of Vitamin D is the main reason for this unhealthy colouring of our skin. The easiest source of this vitamin is the sun. People who don’t spend time outdoors may have this problem.

Drinking alcohol, coffee and eating spicy foods can produce dehydration, and this combined with the lack of vitamin D can result with reddish discoloration of our face skin.

  1. Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and lips

Having chapped lips or wrinkles at the corners of our mouth means lack of vitamins C and B. Best way to avoid this condition is to always eat balanced diet.

Another way is to eliminate our access to things that are harmful for our body. Very stick diet and excessive exercise can also hurt us in multiple areas. Staying active and spending a time outdoors is vital for our health.