Mangoes are very very popular all around the world, because they are not only extremely tasty, but are also highly beneficial. This alkaline fruit has been scientifically proven to provide an extreme amount of health benefits to people.

It has been found that, despite it’s high sugar content, the daily consumption of the mango can lead to regulated blood sugar levels.There was a study that tested a group of animals who were obese, where some of them received a daily dose of 10 grams of freeze dried mango for a period of three months.

Should Eat Mangoes

Should Eat Mangoes

Afterwards, researchers had tested their blood sugar levels and concluded that those animals who consumed mango had a dramatic decline in their blood sugar levels overall.

The author of this study, Dr. Edralin Lucas, PhD, elaborates – even though the mechanism by which the mango exerts its effects on the body requires some further investigation, we are familiar with the fact that the mangoes contain a complex mixture of polyphenolic compounds.

Another study which was conducted at the State University of Oklahoma also confirmed the same findings, as the researchers there discovered that the consumption of the mango reduces the insulin resistance improves the tolerance of glucose.

In addition to all this, another study from Australia showed how the consumption of this miraculous fruit can alleviate the inflammation caused by high cholesterol levels, and does inhibit the formation of the illnesses linked to the metabolic syndrome.

One doctor from the University of Queensland commended that they are still not fully aware how it’s all going to play out, but they know that some individual parts of the mango can activate these receptors, and in the best cases, inhibit them. That could all end up with a lot of positive nutritional health benefits for a high cholesterol levels and diabetes.