Oh no, it is happening all over again! We have stumbled across the colors which are eye deceiving and people can’t handle it anymore! The most divisive internet event occured in February 2015, when friendsips were being torn down over the simple color of a dress.

After the storm had passed on that one, we have all vowed never to fall under the same optical illusion, ever again, but unfortunately, it is happening again today!

This comes from one Spanish student that wishes to remain anonimous, was sent a picture by a friend who bought a pair of Vans sneakers from a store in Alicante, and claimed that the pair was of a blue and pale grey color. But, the woman saw the pair in a white and baby pink variation, so here is where the quarrel between thw two of them began.

When the picture went online, the whole world got crazy. This actually made the involved parties to say the entire story. Thhe girl who bought the shoes sent a picture of them to her mother and her mother said that they are pretty, to which the girl replied that they are pretty, but pink is not her color.

The mother replied that all she could see is pale grey and blue color, so this is where she sent her picture to her freiend, just before it went viral. They didn’t know the answer so they put up the question along with the picture on social media and watched how people would answer.

The most interesting thing here is that the girl did not use any unusual light, or filter on her phone, she just took a photo of the shoes with her own camera, which is not broken and works quite fine.

Almost instantly after the picture was posted there were two teams of people who cheeres, one was team blue and the other one was team pink. Nevertheless, there were some people who stood on the fence and said that the color patterns appear independently.

As the comments appeared aout of nowhere, so did another team, called team green, and there was even one girl who claimed she saw purple and yellow shoe. There were also many people who claimed that the color of the sneaker changes depending on the brightness on your screen. We have seen all sorts of comments, from pale pink to spearmint blue, mint green, aquamarine, turquoise and so on.

Nevertheless, it was an obvious case of an optical illuson, so this is why we are not going to torture you anymore because we have called for science to come to the rescue! This is how we are going to explain all of it.

What happened with this picture is different wavelengths of light which correspond with different colors enter the eye right through the lens and hit the retina. This is where pigments light up the neural connections to the visual cortex, thus allowing the brain to form the signals into a proper image.

So, here is where the brain filters out the background and the lighting in order to see the true colors of the object on a particular photo, but in these cases the blueish tint of the photo destroys that ability.
So here it is, another mystery solved!