Sciatica causes a kind of back pain that extends to the rear down to one or both legs, and occurs by pressing sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the peripheral nervous system, which extends from the buttocks to the feet. This type of pain can be caused by different types of disease and the pain is a kind of warning that something is wrong with you.

The most common symptoms are pain and numbness in the lumbar region of the spine that usually occur after some effort, bending and lifting loads. The pain of the lower back goes down through the hip, back of thighs through fetlock until finger leg.

Sciatic Pain

Sciatic Pain

The pain may be dull, strong and sharp, temporary or permanent, and increasing with every effort, coughing and sneezing, often accompanied by numbness. Raising the leg in the supine position leads to stretching of the sciatic nerve and pain.

Sciatica is caused by degenerative changes and premature aging of the discs between the vertebrae, and can occur due to improper walking and sitting, wearing shoes with high heels, stretching the muscles, raising a load overweight. Damaged disc and inflammation of the seat nerve can cause sciatica.

Here are the tricks to relieve from sciatic pain without any medicaments.

  • Strengthen your core, abs and torso muscles

To support your body you need a strong stable core. To achieve that you need to do a lot of exercises, yoga.

  • Change up routines

You need to change your routine like to carry your bags on different shoulders, use pillows differently, sit on a different position. That will contribute to avoid putting more strain on your lower back and cause sciatic pain.

Also you need more walking, yoga, different exercises.

  • Commit to better posture

When we are tired, we come home, lie down on a bed and take the smart phone in our hands, or we sit in frond the computer. That is so wrong. Looking down in our phone can cause all back pain, neck pain.

You need to point the top of your head toward the sky, take a deep breath and open your chest. Do this very often. The best trick is sitting on an exercise ball, because you stay balanced.

  • Stretching

Although we consider as annoying, stretching exercises are very useful for the better functioning of the locomotor system, and can be quite interesting. Stretching exercises are low intensity, the heart is humble, and during their performance can be fully relaxed.

With stretching exercises we will improve circulation in those body parts that stretch.

  • Lift correctly

Very important is to be very carefully when we lift heavy things. If we are in the wrong ankle when we lift heavy think can have long time tissue.

You must lift with your legs instead of your back, or simple use a tool.

  • Take time to relax

Stress is the biggest culprit for your pain. Stress can lead to inflammation and that means more pain.

Because of that the best think that you can do for your self is to take a deep breath, do meditation, read a book, take a bubble bath and everything else that is relaxing you.

  • Wear the right shoes or use orthotics

To lower your back pain you must wear the right shoes. Orthopedic shoes are a great solution for every person.

Shoes with high heels should be worn only when are absolutely necessary, and then you need to prefer lower heel. Heels should not be higher than 2 centimeters, and it is necessary to use silicone bags to avoid pressure and further serious problems.

  • Wear an abdominal binder

Modern lifestyle and your age, is carrying a significant number of health problems, including back pain. Wearing a abdominal binder allows greatly reduce to the pain in the back.

With the binder you will have control to the back at the same time you will get rid from the pain. Each physiatrist will recommend corrective gymnastics, practicing sports and correcting bad posture.

But our bad habits are not always easy to tear. Of immense help can be abdominal binders. When you are doing some physical work, it’s good for you to wear some abdominal binder.

  • Pay attention to your exercise routine

You must be very careful when you are doing some exercises. You must be very cautious when you are doing yoga, cleaning the house too.

When you will notice that some exercise causes you pain, do it less, or just stop doing it. You must do the proper exercise for your body be strong and solid.