The rosemary can be a really effective and great herb. It is considered to be a medicinal herb that can cure multiple health conditions. It has been used in the medicine for centuries.

Did you know that it is the best herb for improving your memory? In ancient Greece, when students prepared themselves for exams, they would put rosemary springs in their hair.



Studies have shown that the rosemary contains carnosic acid, which can fight off all of the free radicals that do damage to the brain. It contains acids that protect the DNA and all the cells in the body from free radicals and the damage they can do.

The compounds found in the rosemary can prevent the breakdown of the acetylcholine, which is basically a chemical responsible for the brains cells that cover the memory part of the brain, as well as reasoning, and communication with other people.

In a series of tests that were conducted in order to find out the properties of the rosemary, it was proved that the rosemary essential oil increased the memory for the things you have to do in the future by 60 to 75% – this is with people who have been exposed to the oil, contrary to those who have not been.

Another study, a more recent one, that was published in the Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology showed that the chemical compound called 1.8-cineole is responsible for the improved function of the memory and the brain.

According to this new study, the people who were tested inhaled some rosemary extract right before performing certain tasks while their levels of mood, stress, accuracy and speed were tested.

The more of the chemical compound they inhaled in their systems, the more productive they were, and the more positive results they delivered!

Remember that this herb is an amazing addition to the modern day herbal medicine, and acts as a mild painkiller and when it comes to migraines or any digestive issues. We hope that you’re going to try and an experience the benefits of it on your own!