Different people prefer sleeping in different positions, and it should not come as a surprise to many that the sleeping position of any woman can reveal a bit about her personality, the way she likes to interact with others, and the status of her current relationship. Are you intrigued?

Keep on reading to find out what your sleeping position might say about you simply by taking a look at some photos and the descriptions below them.

Reveal Her Personality

Reveal Her Personality

The Freefall

Women who are sleeping in the freefall position which is sort of a reverse starfish position sleep on their stomach with their hands tucked in under the pillow indicate a welcoming personality, and if you happen to be sleeping just like this, you surely are a warm and a friendly person. But, at the same time, in certain situations, you may come off as too sensitive.

The Hugger

If you happen to fall asleep while hugging your pillow in your arms and having it tucked between your legs, then you definitely have a trusting and an earnest personality. You are also considered to be loyal, reliable and trustworthy by most of the people in your life.

But, you also have to be careful, because your trusting personality can sometimes make you naive and have your trust put in people who might not have the best intentions at heart!

The Board

If you happen to be sleeping in a straight and stiff position, one similar to a board, then you are a quiet and reserved person that tends to keep most of the things to themselves and guarded at all times. You definitely have a high opinion of yourself, and do not like to compromise your values, which showcasts a very strong personality.

But this does not mean that you don’t let go every once in a while, and when you do, you definitely bring the entire house down.

The Side Log

Women who tend to sleep on their side with one hand tucked under the pillow and or under their head is what this position looks like, and these are the women who are of a cool, calm and collected nature, in their every day lives. They are also born to be trustworthy and trusting too, something that might cause them trouble at certain points of their lives.

The Snoring

If you happen to snore while you’re sleeping, it might just indicate that there are a lot of things in your life which are stressing you out. This means that you tend to be irritable and definitely have a short fuse, causing you to lose temper very often.

This could also be caused by you not getting enough sleep because it has been said that people who snore get a lot less sleep than those who don’t.

The Starfish Position

The person that literally emulates a starfish while sleeping, with their arms and legs spread out in every direction means that this person is very outgoing and social, and is often the center of attention in the group. But, while this person gets the attention of other people easily, this person can also be a good listener, very attentive and a shoulder to cry on.

The Soldier

In this position the women lay flat on their back and have their arms by their side, their legs straight ahead and they look like a soldier at attention. These are the women that have quiet and reserved personalities and prefer being alone rather than going out in crowded places.

Also, they have very high expectations of themselves, and if they fail to achieve their own standards, they are very hard on themselves.

The Yearner Position

If you happen to know someone who sleeps on their side, with their hands stretched out as if they’re trying to offer or present a gift, you definitely are sleeping in the yearner position. Women who sleep like this are usually kind and warm to everyone, even though they sometimes can be susceptible to negativity.