At some point in life, a lot of people start suffering from pain in a certain part of the body, mostly the neck and the back. The stiffness you might experience in your neck and back may lead to muscle cramps, and make that part of the body feel heavier and weaker.

This is a pain which could often be a result of an injury, strained muscle, hernia disc, degenerated vertebrae, or stenosis of the spine. Other than that, it can be caused by poor body posture, age, folded back, heavy loads, as  well as reading in bed, insomnia and exercise.

Remove your Neck and Back Pain

Remove your Neck and Back Pain

With 85% of the back pain cases the cause cannot be detected. To make things a bit worse, not even a magnetic resonance can provide a proper diagnosis.

What is very common about the back pain is that it can be acute for a month, and then it can disappear without any treatment whatsoever, but if your pains are chronic, you are looking at a feeling that might last forever so you better start searching for a proper treatment or cure.

If you want to treat the pain in your back, here are some tips which you might find useful:

  • First of all, the pain may sometimes be caused by a deformed or overused mattress, so make sure you change yours every five years.
  • Try doing some stretches or exercises to treat the back pain, and by all means, avoid sitting for hours. Instead, stand up and move around from time to time.
  • Make it a habit to walk or run, and even try hiking if you can!
  • Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach because it can worsen the pain.
  • Don’t lift or carry heavy loads, because they may result with an injury, or do some damage to the joints on your spine.
  • If you have small children, when lifting them up in your arms, crouch and lift slowly with your thigh muscles instead of your back.
  • In all your activities, especially when you are carrying a bag, baby, or even brush your teeth, always bend the knees.

What is also very delicate and susceptible to damage are the shoulders. If you are experiencing some pain in the shoulders, it may be caused by:

  • unstable joints
  • stretching
  • stiff shoulder
  • fracture of the bone on the hand

But, on the other hand, the pain in the neck can be acute, and last no more than four months, or be chronic, and last a while longer. This can be caused by:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • cramps
  • damaged or stretched structures in the neck, such as ligaments, muscle, tendon
  • stress
  • bad posture when sitting or walking
  • physical inactivity
  • bad sleeping position
  • over-stretching

This is why, in order to relieve the pain in the neck, you should definitely read these tips:

  • Reduce the stress, as it may cause a lot of different health issues, and definitely find a way to relax, whether it is yoga, meditation, or anything that can calm you down.
  • Try some massages, because they can relax your muscles.
  • Get your fair share of exercising, and do some neck moves in order to relax the muscles in the neck.
  • Every few hours, apply some cold and hot compress on the aching areas.
  • Change your pillow or the position you sleep. Note that the feather pillows are softer for your head as well as your neck. What is also good for your neck and the head to easily adapt on is the memory foam.

Avoid the hard and the high pillows because they cause stiffness in the neck. If you sleep on only one side, try not to curve the spine. Also, when traveling, use a travel pillow and proper joint support.