Over the years researchers found a strong connection between chronic stress and many emotional disorders such as depression, high blood pressure, stroke, anxiety, heart attack, vomiting, nausea, and so on. Every one of us experience stress due to today’s lifestyle.

If you don’t take certain measure to reduce the stress levels it can lead to the issues mentioned above.Today we are going to present you an Old Japanese technique, which can bring self-relaxation and which has been proven to be very effective.

Relaxation Technique

Relaxation Technique

There are numerous methods that can help you to lower your stress. Some of them can include regular massage, meditation, yoga, exercise etc.

You can practice this technique anywhere and it takes only 5 minutes.

Every finger represent a different type of feeling or emotion.

  • The little finger can help you improve self-esteem and reduce stress
  • The ring finger can help you eliminate melancholy and depression
  • The middle finger can help you regulate feelings and emotions
  • The index finger can help you too get rid of your fears
  • The thumb can help you fight off anxiety and worry

To perform this Japanese technique you will have to create balance of all the opposing energy forces that are in your body. You should do one finger at a time, and grasp it by using the other hand.

Each finger needs to be wrapped around it. Every finger has to be held you 1-2 minutes until you feel the pulse.

If you want to bring yourself to deeper state of relaxation, put slight pressure to your palm’s using the thumb of the other hand. Practicing this technique daily will help you to reduce your stress and balance your spirit.

Watch the video below to find how to practice this self-relaxation technique properly.