There is a lot of science behind the food that is believed to cure anxiety, and how some foods are good for balancing your mood. But, the truth is that there is no one particular food that can reduce your levels of anxiety altogether.

However, the thing you can do in order to aid yourself is to maintain a balanced dieting plan filled with nutrient rich foods.While there is little to no evidence that this will directly reduce your levels of stress, keeping yourself as healthy as possible is definitely a good method to make it easier for you to deal with all kinds of physical and psychological stress.

Reduce Your Anxiety Levels

Reduce Your Anxiety Levels

This is why now we will provide you with a small list of foods just to get you started.

  • Leafy greens – these foods are the best source of magnesium that you will find. Make sure you consume more leafy greens such as romaine, kale, spinach, arugula, collards and turnip greens. You can even take the darker version of lettuce, which is packed with nutrition too. It is easy for you to incorporate them in your dieting plan, simply add them to your smoothies, salads, soups, stews, or any dish that you please.
  • Berries – they are filled with Vitamin C, potassium, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. They are also very high in antioxidants. The most common types of berries that people enjoy in are blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and raspberries, but the super berries are goji berries, mulberries, goldenberries and acai berries!
  • Pineapple – a cup of pineapple contains more than 100 percent of your daily Vitamin C intake, and this is a vitamin that plays an important role in the function of the nervous system and that is able to reduce your physical, oxidative and mental stress. In addition to this, the pineapple is particularly high in manganese, which is a trace mineral you need for optimal function of the brain, something that many people tend to overlook when considering the nutrients they need fr a healthy mind and a healthy body.
  • Almonds – however you prefer them, raw or in a smoothie, they are an excellent option! You can even add them to your salads or mix them with oatmeal, or even use it as a replacement for peanut butter.
  • Cashews – they are very high in Vitamin B6 and magnesium. They are also filled with monosaturated fats which have been proven to improve the health of the heart.
  • Peanut butter – the peanut butter is considered to be a powerhouse when it comes to nutrients because it contains protein, Vitamin B6, magnesium, healthy fats, and niacin, which is an important B vitamin. Also, there are amino acids in the peanut butter which are essential for the health of the body.
  • Oatmeal – the oatmeal is filled with protein, B vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and several other vitamins as well as trace minerals. A great breakfast choice is the rolled or steel cut oats, and the overnight or cooked oatmeal are a good option, depending on how you want your oatmeal prepared.
  • Avocados – they are a very rich source of Vitamin B6, amino acids, fiber, Vitamin E and monosaturated fats. The avocados are also considered to be a good replacement for cream or butter in the recipes in order to help you improve your overall intake of healthy fats. There are plenty of different ways that you can use the avocado!

Finally, all you need to remember is that you have to make smart and healthy food choices in order to improve your overall self. Keep yourself healthy!