Palm reading takes its roots back to the distant past. No matter whether you believe in what hand you say or do, reading from palm primarily makes leisure and entertainment, and as an activity worshiped our ancestors.

Story of reading the palm is not completely known, but probably originated in India and Hindu astrology and spread to China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt and Ancient Greece. During the Middle Ages, was notorious because it was associated with magic and witches.

Read your Fate

Read your Fate

But, during the 17th century, it became popular again, when scientists began to look for ways for its rational and scientific explanation.Your hand has 3 main lines.

Love is at the top of the palm, the line head is in the middle, and the line of life at the bottom of the palm. Your progress through life, the lines can be changed along with your personality, attitudes and experiences.

If you are interested in palm reading, here’s a little guide to interpreting the lines of the palm.

Left hand told us about inherited abilities and it can tell us what will bring the future.

The right hand shows what we have achieved in life until today. There are several lines:

Of life: It begins between your thumb and forefinger and crosses Vener’s coast towards the wrist. If it is long, deep and smooth it means good health and old age. All that breaks down and branches indicate the diseases and / or accidents.

Line head: Over the lifeline horizontally placed by hand. If it is long and deep memory means comprehensive. Short and deep, sided memory. Downward direction means that you are dreamer. If the direction goes up: boring objective. Common starting with the line of life: reasonable communication with the other sex. Start far over the line of life: affection for duplicity.

Fate: from the wrist to the middle finger. Many deeply embedded: prescribed fate determines the life.

The line of fate does not start until the middle of the palm: delayed success. It does not the line of fate: a typical life path. Zigzag line: Unfortunately, deviation from the right path.

Line Art: alter the line of destiny to the ring finger. If it is especially expressed: artistic talent. If despite the line of art can be seen one other line (line of money) person can live from their talent. Squares on the line indicate additional earnings.

Mercury: Right beside the line of art, under the little finger. One line, long and strong: legal capacity. More thin lines: scientific interests. Mercury line connected to the line of money or art: wealth through science and business.

Health: Arch below the Mercury. It is lacking in many. If is presented indicates health problems. Often indicates pain in internal organs.

Happiness: There are four lines around the wrist. If they are clear: happiness. If they are interspersed: lucky, but after hard work. If exempted: no luck.

Success: Small lines of the line of the head to the index: straight lines: ambition that leads to success. Crossed lines indicates obstacles on the road to success.

The lines that intersect are stronger than the line of success: failure of the ambitious plans.

Contacts: lines below the little finger. Their numbers speak about the number of friendships. She goes up then you will have happy relationships. Down: unhappy relationships. Crisscrossed lines: relations full of conflicts.