Cancer is a very hot topic in the health food world and there’s a very good reason why. Cancer affects about a million and a half people on an annual level, and this has been noted in the latest 2016 reports.

But what actually is cancer? Well, the truth is that we all contain cancerous cells in the body, they are just very quickly removed by our strong immune systems.

Proven Ways to Prevent Cancer

Proven Ways to Prevent Cancer

The problem with people who get cancer is that some of these cells are not stopped in time, and this makes it easier for them to replicate and spread all over the body. So, if we take these facts into consideration, we do not only have to focus on stopping the cancer, but also stop the spread of these cells altogether.

There is not a magical dieting plan that will help you prevent cancer entirely, but there are dietary plans that will significantly reduce your chances or prevent the chances of getting cancer in the first place. Having this in mind, here are a few science backed ways to prevent the cancer that everyone should implement in their lives now.

First of all, if you smoke, quit now, and if you’re intending to start smoking, don’t. The intake of tobacco is one of the predominant causes of cancer.

The American Cancer Society reported that the smoking has been linked to lung, breast, pancreas, mouth, throat, bladder, cervix, larynx and kidney cancer. If you live with a person that smokes or are around people who smoke, you should be very careful.

The second hand smoking has also been associated with lung cancer and other lung issues that develop over time. So, note that this step alone is one of the most important steps you will take that will not only help you protect yourself from cancer but will also make sure that you don’t shorten your life span. If you need assistance in order to quit smoking, then make sure you seek it from a medical professional.

Second, you need to life yourself up from that couch and start moving on a daily basis. As for preventing any other type of disease, you can prevent cancer by moving and exercising on a regular basis.

You need to prevent obesity, because it will mainly lead to an increased risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart attack and a generally shorter life span. Even about half an hour of exercise during a day can help you reduce the risk of prostate, lung, breast, kidney and colon cancer.

It can also help you control your weight, improve your levels of blood pressure, your digestion and your mood. Walking can be a great exercise in order to prevent any disease, but if you happen to enjoy yoga, running, or even jump rope, you can do these things too! Just make sure you make about 150 minutes of exercising in a week, and minimum 5 sessions in a week.

But, what to consume if you want to decrease your risk of cancer? You have to maintain a dieting plan full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, greens, legumes, healthy fats and other antioxidant rich foods so that you can improve your regular daily intake of food and decrease your risk of cancer overall.

You can also increase the intake of green tea for it has been scientifically proven to reduce cancer and make sure you consume about 9 servings of fruits and veggies during the day. Also, don’t forget to bulk up on fiber, it only comes from plants and it is essential for optimal health.