The orange juice called Simply Orange is told to be family friendly by the marketers, a healthy drink that is all natural, but, unfortunately, the reality is quite different from it. This product, which is made by Coca Cola, uses some extremely unnatural processes in the creation of it.

What is involved in the making of this drink is something called the Black Book, which is actually an algorithm that must be followed in order to make the drink more consistent, every time it is produced.

Processed Orange Juice

Processed Orange Juice

This partcular algorithm was created to make sure that none of the natural variances which were involved in the making of the fruit juice, such as the effects the weather can have, the seasons and the differences among the fruits are all kept to one level of regime, so, does this process sounds natural to you at all?

The sole manufacturing process of this particular juice removes all the oxygen from it in order to prolong and ensure a longer shelf life, and can even sometimes been in the factory for up to a year before it has hit the shelves in the stores and markets.

This very harsh process means that the real juice, which literally begins its life within the walls of the factory, is stripped from all its natural ingredients and benefits, as well as the flavors. In addition to this, that kind of processing means that an artificial orange flavor is added.

When we delve deeper into the subject of the artificial flavor, we can find out  that it has been extracted in the same industrial process, meaning that Coca Cola should get by with telling the customers that it is not the original flavor from the oranges in that type of juice.

In addition to all of this, this non concentrated juice plus all the other made Coca Cola a profit of over 4.5 billion dollars just last year. When you’re drinking a bottle of Coca Cola or a product branded from that company, the last thing that should be on your mind is that it is a natural product, and their orange juice is a perfect example of that.

This is why we urge you that if you are a natural orange juice lover, make sure you buy organic and natural juices that do not come from a concentrate, or you can always make your own natutal orange juice and enjoy it without having to think about all the consequences.