The most shocking news a couple can ever get is they discover that they are pregnant, when they haven’t even planned it or tried to get pregnant.

This may come as a big news, but when you look at it, couples are rarely safe during their love making, they usually do not use condom, so this is where the problems really begin.

Prevent Pregnancy

Prevent Pregnancy

But, for those who are questioning whether there is another way not to get pregnant except using condom, the answer is yes.

There are some methods that can prevent pregnancy and today we are going to share them with you, so stick around and find them out.

  • First, you have the safe week. This means that the couple has to make love between the 8th and the 20th day of her menstrual cycle. In this case, it means that you can do it on the first day of her period.
  • Second, you have the withdrawal method. This means that during the intercourse, before the man finishes, he has to remove his intimate part before he ejaculates in order to avoid a pregnancy.
  • Then, you have the effective copper. This method includes a specialized and trained doctor to insert a device which can be removed when the couple desires to conceive a child.
  • Of course, you always have the birth control pills. This is considered to be one of the safest methods for a couple if they want to avoid a pregnancy. This is one of the most common and the most available method there is. These birth control pills are hormonal based, and they regulate the fertility cycles of the woman in order to prevent the pregnancy from happening.
  • Finally, there is the sterilization. This method, whether it comes to a man or a woman, can guarantee you 100% that pregnancy will not occur. But, there is a catch to this. The process of sterilization is a permanent procedure, so if you are certain that you would not like to have your own biological children in the future, this would be the best solution for you.