Hormonal imbalance contributes to countless common complaints that most people do not consider related with hormones, including the inability to get off excess body fat, fatigue, hair loss, heart palpitations, skin problems and many others. Chronic and debilitating diseases such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease are also related to hormones.

Who does not want a well-balanced reproductive system, balanced hormones and gentle and smooth skin? Whether we like it or not, the hormones affect our mood, digestion, energy, libido, metabolism, and what our skin looks like.

Prevent Hormonal Imbalance

 Prevent Hormonal Imbalance

If we do not take the nutrients our body needs, it will not be able to produce the hormones properly and maintain the hormonal balance, as it will not have the building material for it. Whatever you eat, it helps the hormonal balance, or it upsets it.

That is why the human organism needs a balance of all three macro elements, carbohydrates, proteins and especially fat.Fats are one of the most important elements for hormonal balance.

You know that cholesterol and saturated fat are called bad. But they are not always bad. Healthy fats are the raw material our body needs to make hormones work properly.

Hormone production depends on some fatty acids and cholesterol, so if you miss the intake of these nutrients, your body is likely to react in the form of hormonal imbalance. For the recovery of cells and the stabilization of hormones, our body needs fat.

This is particularly important for the female reproductive system.

How to eat to have a proper hormonal balance?

Based on your diet of pure proteins, hormone-balancing fats, vegetables rich in antioxidants and herbs, your body will soon begin to thank you. Choose one meal from each category that is easiest to get in the menu.

  1. Pure proteins

– Nuts – watered or sprouted; Beans; Seeds; Cinema; Lentil

– Meat from a guaranteed source of farming – it is recommended to be turkey and veal.

– Fish

  1. Fats for hormonal balance

– Coconut oil (and all products on this basis) – it contains lauric acid, which is extremely curative for the skin and supports the beneficial hormonal production of the body. Coconut oil kills bad bacteria and viruses in the body and provides a quick source of energy, easily speeding up metabolism.

Avocado – it is rich in healthy fats, which helps the body to easily absorb nutrients. It also contains a lot of fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, B vitamins and folic acid, which are essential for maintaining the hormonal balance in the body.

-Nut Oil – it is a rich source of vitamins A, D, E and K2. These nutrients are important building blocks for hormonal production.

Oil provides large amounts of short and medium chain fatty acids that support immune system function, stimulate metabolism and have anti-microbial properties – fight bad bacteria and viruses in the body.

-Egg yolk – rich in vitamins and countless minerals: A, D, E, B2, B6, B9, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and choline, contributing to reproductive health, hormonal balance and skin condition. Choline and iodine in egg yolk are crucial for proper thyroid function.

-Nuts and seeds – nuts and seeds, olives and olive oil, hemp seed, linseed oil, raw and cultivated dairy products are part of everyone’s healthy eating.

  1. Vegetables that are rich in antioxidants

Choose dark green vegetables to attend daily in your diet: asparagus, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, cucumbers, nettles, parsley, and fennel.

Do not overlook the brightly colored vegetables: green, red and yellow peppers, carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes.

Select at least one starchy fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beets, apples, bananas, turnips.

  1. Herbal spices and herbs

Season with them your dishes, your teas or your coffee. Some of them may be taken in the form of tea.

These are cinnamon, turmeric, hot pepper, cumin, garlic, ginger.If you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to be in a hormonal balance, it will be grateful for you with a wonderful reproductive function, pure skin and energy.

Your mood will be balanced and steady. Our bodies have the incredible ability to heal and restore balance when we give them the “fuel” they need for it.