The flu season has just started some of us will escape it but some of us certainly will fall under his control. When we are infected only thing we want is to get rid of him.

There is another alternative treatment despite the use of drugs, we will help to make it easier on yourself. Here are some classic advices how to do it the natural way.

Prepared for Flu

1- Regular hydration

Helps in eliminating the virus and keeps mucous membranes moist, because of that drink more water and freshly squeezed juices. Just to remind you hot drinks help with sore throat coughing also enhances the secretion from the nose. You will feel better and be hydrated.

2- Maintence your hygiene

You have to be careful when you sneeze, cough and blow your nose, use a tissue. Don’t allow spreading the virus with inappropriate behavior. Clean your environment.

3- Secure peace

The more you ensure peace and quiet chances are greater to heal. Avoid stress and anxiety because they weaken the immune system and symptoms of flu are continuing.

Rest more because irregular sleep is the greatest enemy of the immune system.

4- Essential vitamins

Vitamin C– is essential, you can get it from fruits vegetables and others food source.  Also it’s very effective during flu, colds, gum disease, acne skin and bladder infections.

Vitamin D– supplements and food rich in this vitamin regulate many diseases, speeds recovery and is a good preventive measure against influenza.

Omega 3– fat acids- improve the work of many vital functions and act preventive against many of diseases.

5- Food which is recommended

Garlic has antibacterial antiviral and antifungal effectiveness, use it in every type of dishes and in every salad.

Pepper mustard and horseradish- helps in decreasing secretion from your nose and vitamin C which is found in peppers helps in boost immunity.

Ginger- has an antiviral effect-quick recipe: chop a slice of ginger, put in 200 ml water and boil it. Drink it as a tea, sweeten it with honey.

Teas- they are full with antioxidants that help in decreasing the symptoms. You can drink chamomile, marshmallow, mint tea etc.

6- Hot or cold packs

Use hot packs like hot towel for relaxing your muscles or cold packs like frozen peas for lowering temperature during the flu.

7- Gargling

Helps for temporary easing the pain in your throat, gargling with salt water decrease the inflammation and has a positive bacteria effect.

8- Showering

Helps in relaxing because hot water improves circulation of the body.

9- This food should not be eaten

Sugar, fruit juice, dairy products and caffeine. Combination of these ingredients can cause of few unpleasant conditions like nausea vomiting dehydration, decreasing white blood cells.

In the end, having flu is really exhausting. Make yourself a bowl of soup to keep you warm while having cold flashes or it will be really nice if somebody else made it for you.

Get well soon