The pre and post workout meals are actually quite a big deal nowadays and the fitness industry is talking about it constantly. Everyone are eager to find out how to best power up their body before a workout, and how to properly power it up again after the workout is done.

Even though the various trends for these meals come and go very easy, one thing always remains – proteins and carbs must always be included. We are here to tell you that you should not worry at all, and that all you need to know are just the basics so that you can make smart meal choices.

Post Workout Meals

Post Workout Meals

About the importance of these two meals, we will start from the protein. It will help in sustaining your blood sugar levels all the while preserving the lean muscle, and the carbs will fuel the body and refuel it after a workout.

So, now that you know what to take into consideration, here are some simple ways how to upgrade your pre and post workout meals.

  1. First of all, go for whole, nutrient filled foods – this will ensure that you will get enough nutrients during the day. Even though there is nothing wrong with having the occasional treat every once in a while, you have to first have an overall healthy diet. Remember – fat increases the digestion rate, which will make you feel fuller during the workout.
  2. Consume smaller portions – except if you’re not a grueling athlete that works out for hours in a day, smaller portions of food before and after a workout are the best choice for you. This will also prevent you from overloading yourself on fiber, which will cause bloating and gas, and that is something no one wants to deal with. If you do not want to undo your effects, don’t overeat after your workout.
  3. Always keep it simple – don’t overthink about what you should eat before and after the workout. Simple food is the best option you can have.
  4. Prepare yourself – if you are used to squeezing in a workout in the middle of the work day make sure you have your meals prepared beforehand. This will prevent you from driving through somewhere and getting something from a fast food chain, and will prevent you from going hungry. Choose simple pre and post workout meals, prepare them on a Sunday and grab them each morning before you go off to work. A handy lunch box can also make things a lot easier for you. Just make sure that you have what your body needs before and after you’ve had your exercise.