It is no secret that plants don’t just beautify your home, but they also ward off the negative energy and spread positive energy into it.

In that way, by adding plants to your living space you will create an area for relaxation, peace and well-being. Ancient people kept certain plants around the places they lived in, in order to improve the general vibe.

Positive Energy

Positive Energy

As we already know, it is truly important for your health in general, to keep an optimistic and a clear mind. So, next time when you are feeling down, just take some fresh plants and herbs and spread it around your home.

Here is Our List of Top 10 Plants That Attract Positive Energy to your Home


People in Asia have been using this plant, for thousands of years as a symbol of good fortune. Because of its fashionable look, today you can see bamboo in many homes and offices.

It is believed that this plant can bring purity, honesty and growth to your life. People who have bamboo in their home say that it improves the mood and make you feel calm and free of envy.


We have often used mint as an addition to our meals or drinks, due to its medicinal properties. However, the fresh plant of the mint can give your home positive radiance and can help you reduce the negative energy from your home. In addition to that, it can cure insomnia and will improve the flow of communication in the house.


Surprisingly, aside from its aggressive look, the cactus will help you get rid of many negative thoughts and energy, like hypocrisy and envy.

Therefore, this plant is more than a decorative touch to your home or office. It is believed that it keeps the malicious people and intruders away and it is able to collect the negative electric energy from the devices in your house.


This plant serves as a remedy and a bringer of happiness. Rosemary attracts love, loyalty and happiness. You can keep fresh rosemary in your house or just putt some springs of rosemary in cloth bags and place them in different parts of your house. It will bring loyalty of those around you.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is considered to be one of the strongest plants in the fight against bad vibes. This plant will eliminate the bad energy, poor luck and negativity from your home.

It is believed that Aloe Vera grows because it attracts positive energy, but when it starts fading it means that it has absorbed all the negative energy from our home and begins to die.

So, if you add this magnificent plant to your house you will get prosperity, smiles and good opportunities.


This plant was used since the ancient times, to clear negative energy and to help people banish bad vibes from the air.

Today, it is widely used in monasteries and churches to chase away the negative intentions and thoughts. In homes, people use it for many reasons such as to prevent nightmares and to promote self-esteem.


Spearmint has been used for centuries back as a protection from envy and bad spells. Some believe that if you keep fresh spearmint in your house, it will bring you economic improvements.


Eucalyptus is recommended for your business or office place. The same as the spearmint, people believe that this plant too attracts prosperity, but also it neutralizes envy and cruel intentions.

If you keep fresh eucalyptus in your home, you can get rid of your hyperactivity and therefore will start sleeping better.


Jasmine is known as the plant for couples. So, if you need happiness and prosperity in your personal relationship, then put this plant in your bedroom. It will bring you positive energy and will bring back the lost romance.


This plant promotes happiness and good mood, and it is better to be kept in a place where there are constant arguments and fights.

Chrysanthemums will make you feel relaxed and joyful. They are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Whichever plant you choose, it will make a great impact on your home. Just keep in mind that the plants must be alive, so you need to take care of them a lot.